Lost in the moment 2/3

It only takes a second to meet someone a minute to love someone and a lifetime to forget someone but please stay with me


4. Walking to school

Bailey didn't notice my shirt.

At least I think so

Ashley volunteered to carry his under armor bag.

Bailey said sure if you want to.

Bailey took off his coat and gave it to me because I was freezing as he noticed the goosebumps on my arms. And he put his arm around me and then Ashely walking on the other side of me laughing with John.

Bailey kisses my cheek and says thank you when Ashely and John walk into school.

For what. You don't think I noticed. Oh the jersey I promised I would wear on Fridays. Yah. Your welcome isn't that what girl friends are for. We both laughed and held hands walking into school

I whisper why is everyone staring at me. As bailey walked me to my locker. Notes feel out calling me a slut whore bitch and many more I run to the bathroom crying I call Ashely and Destiny.

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