Lost in the moment 2/3

It only takes a second to meet someone a minute to love someone and a lifetime to forget someone but please stay with me


3. In the hospital

As Brooklyn walks up to the front desk nervously. Can I see Bailey Hawk, and you are Brooklyn White. Okay and I'm Ashely Safe. Okay right this way down the hall on the left. Okay thanks as Brooklyn runs down the hallway finding that room. She comes to that room and slowly knocks on the door...

Come in

Hey as tears go down my face.

Ashely hugs me and says it will be okay.

What happen to him as I see him will a black and blue eye and a broken arm.

We'll he heard someone talking about you and calling you names like slut whore bitch hoe..and he went up to him and he was like what the hell. Why are you talking about her if you sure as hell don't know what she went through. And the guy punched him in the face and twisted his arm he got out and knocked the one guy out then this other guy came and hit him in the arm with a pipe and he broke his arm.

OMG as more tears come out of my eyes I slowly lean against the wall and I slowly curl up in a ball and sit there and cry

Bailey slowly said something but it was very faint Brooklyn come here

Okay as I wipe off some tears.

Listen to me I'm alright I know you've been though a lot and I will always be there for you no matter what.

Even if we break up l say

Bailey said don't think like that as he gave me a smile I won't break up with you. As long as you don't cheat or lie to me.

Okay I smiled back I promise I won't I will only lie if it's for a good reason like a birthday or something like that.

Okay he let out a chuckle.

Thank you for sticking up for me.

Isn't that what boyfriends are for he said.

Yah I guess.

The doctor came in and said your free to go bailey.

Okay bailey nodded and agreed

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