Lost in the moment 2/3

It only takes a second to meet someone a minute to love someone and a lifetime to forget someone but please stay with me


2. A week after homecoming

I finally awake in my own room which was weird cuz I kept having nightmares about Bronson and I had to spend the night at Ashely's and Destinys I would spend the night at baileys but my mom doesn't think that would be a safe idea even tho his mom said I would sleep with his sister on the bottom bunk. But oh we'll. I call Ashely ring ring ring ring

Hey are you okay ash says

Yah I'm fine I'm just wondering if you have mascara I can use.

Yah come over the back door will be unlocked. Ok good cause I'm in your drive way.

Haha I knew that

Wait how?!?!

We'll I saw you from my bedroom window

Oh okay we'll I'm inside I'm on my way up


Hangs up

So have you been with the homecoming accident and everything. A tear slips from my face I'm good I wish he was there for homecoming with me. Yah I know I'm glad your slowly getting better. Thanks as I say with a sniffle. We'll ready to go to school I haven't went to school since homecoming cause me and Bronson had all classes together. Wait!!!! I yelled I have to run outside and grab baileys extra jersey he wanted me to wear today. Okay hurry tho. I will. So we started to walk to school as I get a call *his contact name is bae and it's Bailey* from Bae.. I answer it's Baileys mom.

Hey what's up

baileys in the hospital

A tear goes down my face and I freeze.

Hey baileys mom it's Ashly Brooklyn's best friend I also know bailey what happened brookie gave me her phone cause she didn't know what to say

We'll...said baileys mom

What were near the hospital now we can stop in if you give me his room number.

Okay it's better to find out in person his room number is room 102

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