Pefectly Imperfect

Carter and her band Play It Again are finally getting their big break. They get to be the opening act for... 5 Seconds of Summer!!!! What will happen when she meets Luke Hemmings and he makes her feels things she has never felt before


7. Oh No (Luke's POV)

An: This chapter is really awful and really short but I want to give you guys something to read. Tell me what you think!:)

As I was walking toward the stage I couldn't help but feel bad about just walking out. The girls did amazing and Carter's voice was even better then I ever thought it would be but while there were performing I got a text from my ex Meagan. She told me she wanted to get back together and I really don't know what to do.

Two years ago I was going out with Meagan and everyone said we were the cutest couple they had ever seen. I was in love with her and I was gonna tell her. We had planned a movie night to just hang out. When I got there I just walked in like I always do and when I got to the living room she was there half naked making out with the quarter back of the varsity football team Joe. I just walked out not knowing what else to do. Two hours later she called me asking where I was all I did was say "ask Joe" and I hung up. I haven't talked to her since.

When she texted me all the feeling I had for her came rushing back and I didn't know what to do. A small part of me still loves her and part of me keeps reminding me that she cheated on me. Another part of me keeps thinking about Carter and how cute and shy and kind she is.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. I mean it's not like I like Carter anyways right? Right?!? Oh who an I kidding the girl has got me wrapped around her finger. (See what I did there(;) It still doesn't change that fact that Meagan wants to get back together and I still have feelings for her. I have a feeling this is gonna end really bad.

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