Pefectly Imperfect

Carter and her band Play It Again are finally getting their big break. They get to be the opening act for... 5 Seconds of Summer!!!! What will happen when she meets Luke Hemmings and he makes her feels things she has never felt before


4. An actually conversation

I woke up to Gwen throwing frilly pink skirts at Maliah. I sat up, stretched, and looked around the room. 

"Where's Quinn?" I asked. 

"Still sleeping." Maliah said while dodging a floral skirt. 

I look to my left to see Quinn wrapped up in a blanket cocoon. 

I got up and grabbed my clothes for the day. Black skinny jeans and a dark purple tank that says actions speak louder than words. 

After my shower I put on my black converse and threw my hair in a pony tail, I know I know I put so much effort into my outfit today. 

While I was in the shower Quinn decided to wake from the dead and get ready. 

When got to the venue we couldn't help but stare at the stage in awe. We have never played on a stage that big let alone to thousands of people. The biggest crowd we have ever performed in front of was two hundred people and that was at Quinn's older brothers prom two years ago. 

The stage was massive. You could probably fit my entire junior class on it. As we got closer we were able to see the instruments. Maliah's drum kit was already up there along with Gwen's bass and Quinn's guitar. 

"Hello girls. Are you ready to get started?" We looked to the left to see a short bald man in a suit walking towards us. 

"I'm Chris Tolkinberg. I'm in charge of this whole operation. I make sure the boys are here on time, that everyone is doing their job, and most importantly that everyone is having fun."

"Cool. Well I'm Quinn. This is Maliah, Gwen, and that's Carter." Quinn said pointing at us as she said our name. 

"Well it's great to meet you girls. Your dressing room is down that hall and to the left. The 5 Seconds of Summer boys are just down the hall from you. If you need anything just give me a call. Bye girls." Chris waved at us as he walked away. 

"He seems cool." Quinn said as we walked toward the dressing room. 

"Yeah. What do you guys think our dressing room is gonna look like?" Gwen said as we were approaching our dressing room door. 

"Only one way to find out." Maliah said as she started opening the door. 

We were all amazed at how nice the room was. Personally I thought it was just going to be a dark dirty room but it was actually really nice.

The walls were a light cream color and there were two big leather couches on both sides of the room with a little coffee table in the middle of the room covered with chips, candy, fruits, sodas, and waters. 

"Wow! Ooh chocolate!" Quinn yelled as she was moving towards the coffee table. 

"This room is amazing. They really know how to treat people here." Gwen said flopping on the couch. 

We heard a knock on the door and said "come in." 

Suddenly four boys are in the room and eating all our food. 

"Hey girls!" Michael said with a mouth full of Doritos. 

"Hi Mikey." Quinn said flirtatiously. 

"Um... Do you guys know where the bathroom is?" I asked quietly not thinking anyone would hear me. 

"Oh yeah. Come on I'll show you." Luke said with nod of his head. 

He got up and started walking toward the door. 

Maliah nudged my shoulder making me get up. As I was approaching the door Luke smiled at me and let me go the through the door first. 

As we were walking down the hall Luke decided to start a conversation. 

"So... You write all your guys songs?" Luke asked. 

"Um yeah." I said unsurely. 

"That's cool."

"Yeah." I said nodding my head. 

"I like your shirt." He said after a couple of seconds. 


"It reminds me of you."


"Well your obviously not a social butterfly and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm not the most social person either but you seem like the type of person who likes to help people even if she doesn't know them."

"Oh." I said while my cheeks turned a light red. 

"You're cute when you blush and I know I already said that yesterday but it's true." Luke said looking down at me. 

"Thanks." I said looking at my shoes. 

"So what inspires you to write music?" He asked. 

"The moon." I said simply. 

"The moon?"

"Yeah. There's something about the moon that helps me think. I'll look at the moon at night before I go to bed and it helps me think of what happened that day and how much it effected my life. All the best songs I have ever written are because I looked at the moon the night before. I know that must sound really weird but it's true."

"No that's not weird at all. It's pretty cool actually." 

We stopped and just stared at each other. I don't know how long the silence lasted but then we heard a loud cough. 

"Excuse me." A tall lady said. 

I moved out of the way pretty embarrassed. 

"Um well here's the bathroom. Are you gonna need help getting back?" He asked with pink cheeks. 

"No I think I'll be okay thanks." 

He nodded and started to walk off. 

"Hey Luke." He turned my way. 

"You look cute when you blush too." I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. He chuckled lightly and muttered a quick thanks before walking back towards the dressing room 

An: So what do you guys think? Also what did you think or me doing Luke's POV? Should I do that more or no?

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