Dark Angel.

Nichole (Layla) doesn't remember much from her past life, but when a church blessing goes all wrong and instead of we friend Gabby getting dumped with The Holy water. Nichole somehow gets dumped with the water and her Memories of a Boy return... A reaper.... His name Ruvel. She loved him once and Can she love him again?

*contains strong language and sexual content (not actual sex just referencing)*

Also don't read if you don't believe in Christ. Has a few church scenes and usage of Heaven and The Lord are used a bit.
There are a few weird scenes where it will be R so please skip that if you would like. It won't be until later in the book... I hope you enjoy reading this, it's my first one and yea I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

-All rights reserved 2014-

I don't not own the following characters: Ruvel, Latis, Hatis.

Most other characters are Family members or Friends of mine.


3. Ugh...

*ugh..... No one has even asked me to the dance yet... Gosh I'm so fuckin jealous of Karissa of course she gets Jake, Jake with perfect green eyes and blackest hair of all! Ugh.. I just wish some guy would notice me even..... Maybe love me... *

Bell Rings

Yes! Finally school is out yay!! !

"Hey Karissa want to hang out?"

"Um sorry but I can't I umm I'm busy...."

"Oh ok" I say "no problem" I smile and walked to my mom and her car.

On the car ride home I think about what Karissa said she doesn't lie to me a lot... Hmm probably her family issues..

When I arived home I went downstairs into my room and did my Math, Science, History, and Language Arts Homework. It was very tiring.......

Hey guys Nichole here I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile soo much FRICKIN home work hehe I'm also sorry that it is Very very short I'm just busy and I will update soon! Also I'm sorry but my computer has been acting up and I'm havering a hard time to make it not italic or bold so I'm sorry if it Is a bit fucked up sorry for my language I'm just mad at it haha.. Anyways please comment on my book and if you like it or not... I will try to keep it updated and you soon will see why this book cover is "I love you and it's Killing me." I hoped you enjoy the book so far and yeah well I will try very hard to keep it updated. Well BYEE!


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