Dark Angel.

Nichole (Layla) doesn't remember much from her past life, but when a church blessing goes all wrong and instead of we friend Gabby getting dumped with The Holy water. Nichole somehow gets dumped with the water and her Memories of a Boy return... A reaper.... His name Ruvel. She loved him once and Can she love him again?

*contains strong language and sexual content (not actual sex just referencing)*

Also don't read if you don't believe in Christ. Has a few church scenes and usage of Heaven and The Lord are used a bit.
There are a few weird scenes where it will be R so please skip that if you would like. It won't be until later in the book... I hope you enjoy reading this, it's my first one and yea I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

-All rights reserved 2014-

I don't not own the following characters: Ruvel, Latis, Hatis.

Most other characters are Family members or Friends of mine.


2. Monday: 4 days Before the Dance

Nichole dear? Nichole..... Wake up Darling.

Shh.. Imm tryin to sleeepp.... I mumble

Sweetheart you have to get up.... It's 7:20.

7:20?.... That's too ear.....… WAIT WHAT?! ITS 7:20? OMG I don't even have my outfit picked out yet or my hair.... This horrible rats nest!! Ugh!

I told you not to sty up too late last night. Anyways Darling I have to go get ready. Be fast darling.

*Ugh! I hate, hate, hate, hate waking up late!* I get ready as fast I can which means I took about 30 minutes. Which meant it was around 7:55 by the time I was done! OMG I'm not gonna be able to eat!!! Great! School starts at 8:20. 10 fucking minutes earlier. Great. As I'm running up the stairs I remember some thing important.*

Shit! Forgot my backpack downstairs!

Father yells- "Nichole come on let's gooo!"

"On my way up!" I yell back

"Tell your Mother goodbye, I will be waiting in the car for you" Father says as his voice fades and the door closes.

I have my backpack an lunch box went into my parent room and told my mom goodbye.

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