Dark Angel.

Nichole (Layla) doesn't remember much from her past life, but when a church blessing goes all wrong and instead of we friend Gabby getting dumped with The Holy water. Nichole somehow gets dumped with the water and her Memories of a Boy return... A reaper.... His name Ruvel. She loved him once and Can she love him again?

*contains strong language and sexual content (not actual sex just referencing)*

Also don't read if you don't believe in Christ. Has a few church scenes and usage of Heaven and The Lord are used a bit.
There are a few weird scenes where it will be R so please skip that if you would like. It won't be until later in the book... I hope you enjoy reading this, it's my first one and yea I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

-All rights reserved 2014-

I don't not own the following characters: Ruvel, Latis, Hatis.

Most other characters are Family members or Friends of mine.


1. 3 weeks before

Hey Guys this is my first one so uh I hope you like it umm and yea.... Also I'm Nichole! Oh and please comment what you think it is my first one only so please no rude comments!!

All rights reserved to one character : Ruvel I do not own him he is from a game all others are My friends and a few more characters of my own.!

Nichole speaking is in italic all others on bold! 😄

NICHOLE!! Yelled my Mother

Yes? I'm downstairs in my room


Can you come upstairs plans have changed!

Okay yeah ... Sure on my way up!! You wanted to talk to me about the plans? Which ones? Your birthday plans yeah?

Yes you are no longer staying at your Friend Kaitlyns you're going to be stay with Mr. & Mrs. Rooney. Gabby's house here in Sedona. Your Father and I just don't want you staying out that far. So you are to spend the weekend at their house.

Hmm okay I look up from my phone.. Sorry mom I was just texting my friends about the dance this Friday!! I can't wait! Sorry mom! Anyways I'm gonna go back downstairs laters!


(Nichole is thinking *why Gabby's we aren't even good friends... Oh well I hope I don't have to go to church with them... 😐 anyways I can't wait for the dance I hope Avery goes and maybe he might ask me to slow dance with me?.. Too hopeful he doesn't like me. Karissa keeps saying two guys like me but I do t even know one of them! Gosh she is frustrating ugh! But I still love her like my Sister. I wonder who likes me. Jackson, Jackson, or maybe Avery!? Nah I wish... Hmm maybe Gabe is one of them.. Eww gross disgusting! Wish I hadn't thought of that eww ok I'm tired I wanna sleep yet I don't hmm I'm gonna go to sleep alright nite to my self! 😴💤*

End of chapter 1

Well that was my first chapter ever I will try to keep updated and stuff and yea I'm sorry it maybe a bit confusing but I hope you like it.. ~Nichole

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