*16 and up for explict content*

I REALLY suck at these blurbs so just read to find out!


3. Chapter 3


Sorry they are so short im just trying to do so much stuff but i promise they will get longer.

Ashton's p.o.v.

"You are so on mate, pick anyone!" I loudly said to Luke and the rest of the band. Lukes eyes scanned before he smirked.

"The new girl." He laughed. My eyes went to her, to be honest she's pretty hot.

"Deal, imma win Luke so you might as well give me my money now." I replied before getting up and making my way to  the kitchen. 

"Hey hottie" I said making her turn around.

"Uh hi?" She replied more like a question. She actually wasn't bad looking very attractive to be exact.

"I'm ashton." I gave her a big dimpled smile making her smile back. Her teeth were perfect almost as if she used to wear braces and her hair was light brown and her skin tone fit the hair color so perfectly.

We drank and talked for what felt like hours until we were both pretty drunk. I hold my alcohol well but so does this girl. I whispered things in her ear making her blush and there's no doubt in my mind that shes a virgin. A buzz in her pocket snapped her out of that blushing moment.

"Dad and twins are at aunt jills!" She yelled loudly, I laughed at her out burst.

"Hey im gonna get going." She says making me frown.

"Ill take you. Make sure you get there safely." I said smiling and she nodded. We saw Beeca on our way out and she gave me a look before pulling me away from Winnie.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" She screams in my face.

"Uh nothing."

"Bullshit. Leave her alone she's to good for you!"

"Becca l-"

"And I know how you Luke and Michael are! God I don't even know why Calums friends with you!" She yells, Calums her brother, yeah scary i know. 

"What?! Like what?" I asked.

"Hurt her and i swear i will kill you! You don't know what she just went through!" 

"Fuck you Bec!" I say as i ran out after Winnie. When I caught up with Winnie i caught her before she fell over.

"OH! HEY YOU! I thought i lost you!" After Becca yelled at me I sobered up a bit making Winnie look super drunk. I Laughed before helping her into the taxi. All I have to do is fuck her and im done with this bet. Sure Becca probably will kick my ass but hey i get 400$. 


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