*16 and up for explict content*

I REALLY suck at these blurbs so just read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

Winnie's p.o.v.

I started getting dressed for my first day at school which may i add im not excited about. But on a brighter note, today is my 16th birthday. I quickly got into skinny jeans, and a plaid shirt. To top the outfit off i slid on my converse, yes converse. I'm girly but not a dress everyday girly. I left my hair its natural wavy which fell to my lower back. My hair and eyes are probably the best things on my body.

"Winnie!" Dad yelled from downstairs making me grab my bag and phone and walk down. I helped dad get the twins in the car before climbing into the front seat. Next thing i know i am at school. Tons of eyes were on me as i made my way to the entrance. Once i opened the door and walked in a body hits mine making me fall to the floor.

"Fuck!" A guy voice yells.

"Watch were you're going!" He yelled before leaving. I sighed, this is my life now. Getting tramped in the hallways and guys being douches. I look back to the guy to see that he has orange hair. What the hell? He has three other guys with him, all very attractive but i keep reminding myself that they're all probably dicks. 

"Don't worry about them." A voice says from behind me. I turn to see a very pretty girl with dirty blonde hair. I smiled at her before the offered her hand, helping me stand up i thanked her. 

"Anyways hi my name's Rebecca but you can call me becca, We heard about you from our coach. She said that you were the best hockey player at your school." I nodded it's true. Hockeys my life.

"Well we would love to see you at tryouts tonight and after tryouts there's a big party at my house!" 

"I'd love to." I smiled at her. She grabbed my arm before pulling me along.

" After tryouts you can just come to my house to get ready okay?" I nodded as she took me to my locker when i noticed that i had a locker next to the kid with the orange hair and the other three. becca saw my glance to them and looked at me.

"Listen dont worry about them they're all assholes." I laughed then headed off to the rest of the day.


"Alright ladies!" Coach Lamica yelled. We started doing ice drills which is just back and forth skating. Next we did shots which i made all of. But before i know it we were done. Coach asked everyone to go into the locker room so they could make cuts. He came back in and stared at the paper in his hand.

"Hailey Broker, Becca Hood, Gabby Woods, Brooklynn Robinson, Abigal Gins, Winnie Keegan..." I zoned out after he said my name. My heart was racing and i honestly dont know what i would do if i didn't make it.

"Congrats you made it, the rest of you im sorry." I was jumping with joy. Party, party, party. That's all that's in my head now. 

" I love this!" I yelled as i looked at Becca's bedroom. She laughed before handing me a towel telling me to use the shower in her bathroom. When i was finished i sprayed my hair with her hair spray before pulling my clothes back on.

"hurry people are already here!" She giggled. 

I danced with the rest of the hockey players before i decided i needed a drink. I made my way to the kitchen then poured some blue vodka into a red solo cup. 

"Hey hottie." I turn around to see one of the guys from the group earlier, you know the group with the guy with the orange hair.

"Um hi?" I asked as he extended his hand.

"I'm Ashton."

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