*16 and up for explict content*

I REALLY suck at these blurbs so just read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Winnie's p.o.v. "Winnie?" I woke up to my fathers voice. I stretch before climbing out of my plane seat and grab my twin brother and sisters hand with out looking at my father.

"You know we had to move here hone-"

"Stop!" I yelled as a tear trickled down my face but i quickly wiped it. I didn't want Grace or Joseph seeing me cry. My fathers phone started ring but he quickly answered it. He muttered a quiet cuss word before turning to the kids and I.

"The movers are at the house so here are the keys to the house get a taxi and go right there, i have to go get our car, Okay?" I nodded as i took the keys from him, and leaving him. The taxi pulled over for the twins and I which we climbed into.

"Win?" a little voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Yes grace?" i asked looking down at her.

"Why didn't mommy come with us?" She responded making a lump in my throat.

"Well babe, mom went with god remember?" I asked as i wiped a tear.

"But it making everyone sad." She pouted her lip out.

"Baby listen to me she didnt have a choice shes with god and is in a way better place." I tried to smile through the tears in my eyes. Grace just nodded but of course Joseph had to speak up.


"Promise." I paid the taxi driver then got out and made my way to our new house. It was descent size consisting of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The movers waved to me as i unlocked the door. I gave the movers direction of whos room was whos and where things go, and after i played with the twins outside to stay out of the movers way.

In the back yard we had a deck connected to the back of the house, sliding glass doors are the way to get in and out, also a 5 step staircase to get up from the outside ground. The deck surrounded a big metal pool, and on the deck was a water slide into the pool. I slightly smiled loving this house way more then my old one back in America.

Loud music brought me out of my thoughts, great just great. A house slightly bigger then mine from across the street was the cause. I move back up front seeing my father pulling in with a new car. He got out and Grace ran to him.

"Come unpack hun the movers just left." I nodded then made my way inside. Finally i was finished unpacking everything and im exhausted, luckily im not that jet lag seeing how its 8 in Australia. I decided before bed to go talk to my friend Emilie. I walked outside to talk seeing how it's nice out. After a few rings she picked up.

E- Hey boo!


E- i miss you so much

w- i miss you too and i just want to go home

E- I know boo, oh hey i have to let you go steph just got here.

And with that she hung up. Steph was our friend too but Emilie and I were the closest. I started crying knowing that i will be getting replaced.

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