Begin Again

She tried everything that she could to let him stay in his life but guess life can gave you surprises too and that is what was happening with allie and john. They both moved on, working their days off until allie lose her job and she is back to place where john works. Arguments, fights and snicker comments saying to each other until they both begin again.


1. Move on

People say second chances exist but I wanna know if it really do because seems to me it never did. I tried everything that I could to make him stay in my life. I stopped working, stayed at home make dinners for him, loved him, dressed like he wanted me to and every try turns out to be bad for me. Those words still haunted me in dreams.


"You're not good for me allie. You should leave me or I'm going to do it," He said staring into my blue eyes and all I could see was regret in his eyes what is that regret and what I did or did he did something that is making him guilty. I can't put the finger on that guilt but I didn't stop myself from crying.


Tears started to pour in my eyes before he could say anything my attached my lips on his cheek, staying for more than longer. Tears came out of my eyes and I look at him.


"Just remember john, I would always love you no matter what," I said, before picking myself up and wiping my tears. He didn't even stopped me cry. I knew one john who will never ever let me cry and now here is this john whom I can't recognized. Who is he? Why is he ruining our lives? I didn't know the answer to that but I have to move on from him from this city and from past and that what I did 3 months ago.


I moved back to my parents house in which only my sister live. My parents were died in a car accident when I finished my high school. After finishing my english degree I moved in with john, and after everything he did or said to me, there was no use of staying there when he despise me with such a hatred.


"Allie, are you ready to go?" Taylor's voice echoed in my room while I was in washroom fixing myself up. I applied the lip gloss before looking at myself in mirror and assuring that everything was gonna be fine or I think it would be. Today is my interview for the school teacher of high school english teacher. It was better than sitting around and giving online classes to students.


I took my documents in my hands and walked out of room to see taylor. "Wow, you look nice," She said smiling at me. "Thanks," I mumbled.


"Are you sure you wanna do this, you can wait you know," She said, I know she was worried about me but I was fed up of sitting and thinking about him. As soon I'll be busy I would move on.


"Yeah, I'm sure taylor now let's get going," I said, as she nodded her head at me.


Here goes another hell of day.




Hello everyone! I'm saba malik, I write fanfictions but now I'm concentrating on teen fiction too so here is brand new chapter of new book 'begin again' I hope you like it. Tell me in comments.


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