Can you dream right?

This is the daily journal of Weiser.

You'll love this girl if you're punk rock.

She doesn't care about school, education and her family. She just wanna hangout and meet her idols. This is the story of a life which had turned into something great.


3. Wednesday, February 13th.

10:29 AM

The next morning, I woke up on a bad mood because of the music my little brother was about to listen. He loves Rap, Hip Hop music and Hard Rock. I like this kind of music but not on the morning. I yelled for my brother can hear me through our walls:


He did and asked me:




10:36 AM

I plugged my phone on my computer for uppload all my pictures into it. Clicked on the "spotify" app and heard the arctic monkey's "do I wanna know" song. It's a relaxying song I guess because that's what it does to me.

If you're angry or just sad, listen this music and enjoy.

So let's back on twitter.

I've got so many retweets and favourites. They don't re-answered but retweeted the last one I did send.

10:54 AM

My cat came into my room and jumped on the bed, I looked at him for a few seconds then started to cry. My dad came next to me and asked me why I was crying. My answer was so stupid but true at the same time:

«I don't really know why I was crying...»

He maybe toughs that I'm mad but anyway. I just don't care... I received a package with the 5SOS's logo brand and a little message. But it was an adress of somewhere probably next to my home. But I aw too lazy for going there. I searched on google where it was and what was it.

An hotel, 10 minutes driving away from my home. So I thought about if I can meet them and take the paper with me for going there. I put on a black little hat, a red short dress and some blacks socks and boots. Mascara, lipbalm and I was ready to go outside! Took my phone, a backpack with inside: my camera, and other pair of socks (?) and a multi-plugger.

I walked and finally arrived to this mysterious destination....

The hotel was calling "All Stars", at this moment I was like : "Okay... Well, I guess they're here." I rang at the bell and wait for something. A beautiful man came out and told me where the boys room was. I was so confused. He opened the door and I saw first Calum and Michael they were playing Fifa, and Luke look through the back window. {where's ashton? What luke's looking there?}

Luke looked at me and he smile {oh my god his smile was so beautiful}. I blushed and he did too. I though it's cute. Ashton just came out of the bathroom and take a t-shirt and an underwear+pants (we has wrapped a towel arount his waist). Luke take my hand and i fell of on his knees, he said:

"-Haha be carefull....

-i will try to.

(Ash scream on the next room) -WHO TAKES MY UNDERWEAR?!!!?!? CALUM IS THAT YOU??!!!

And everyone laughs bc of ash. He's funny even if he wanna be serious. "



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