Can you dream right?

This is the daily journal of Weiser.

You'll love this girl if you're punk rock.

She doesn't care about school, education and her family. She just wanna hangout and meet her idols. This is the story of a life which had turned into something great.


1. Saturday, February 9th.

6:48 PM

I was on the road with my mum, went back from our countryside home. As usual I was checking my twitter account and 5sos's one. But this day was weird, none of the boys have tweeted... I've just tought

"that's maybe cos they're too much taken for just tweeting..."


I put my headphones on my ears and listen to the "good girls" song. I like it, it's a good rocky song.

Arrived at home, I left the car and gone up into my room, all the walls were glued with Luke's, Ashton's, Michael's or Calum's photos. Some are selfies, others were just from their concerts. But I think the biggest part is from twitter.

12:06 AM

Still waiting for one of the boys's tweet. My phone up to my eyes, right in my left hand.


1:56 AM

Still waiting but I'm too bored to wait anymore. Gonna check it tomorrow morning. I've just sent a tweet to the boys.


to : @5sos I'm still waiting you to tweet something... Night xx.

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I obviously know that they'll never see this but anyway, let's dream because that's what makes us alive.


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