Can you dream right?

This is the daily journal of Weiser.

You'll love this girl if you're punk rock.

She doesn't care about school, education and her family. She just wanna hangout and meet her idols. This is the story of a life which had turned into something great.


4. Friday, February 15th.

okay, so i waked up and i though "did i drunk? omg i'm feeling so bad..." i hoped it was just a dream, but it wasn't. Luke Hemmings next to me, sleeping and ashton on the sofa played fifa with michael and Calum even if he said he hates this game...I saw Luke, jump out of the bed and screaming:

"Wake up WEISER IT'S JUST A NIGHTMARE (beautiful nightmare but it stills one.)

(Calum)- What are you talkin' about?"

He takes my hand and pull me down on the sofa, ashton was very loud bc he loose all the "footballer requests" on this stupid game. My mind was replaying on "it's just a dream you can't be with them, wake-up". I pinched myself and michael asked me what I was doing... I fell of beside him, on the floor.

I heard a voice tell me the guys are away and the "are ya alright?" sentence. It was Luke, on the front of the room again looking through the window, he smiled at me and i think i'll always remember that smile bc it was the cuttest in the whole world.

He said to me that he takes care of me and i've did a drop in detention but now i'm good. he takes a book and started to read me a little quote: "Every dreams look true, every nightmares look unreal or maybe that what they just look like." do ya like it? he asked me. i answer i do.

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