The Sons of Anarchy

This is based off the TV series but meh, just thought I'd get serious and make something to do with something I like... Bikers...


1. The Convention.

It was around mid-day and there was a biker convention in the sunny California.

Being me, I got on my Harley Davidson V-Rod and left the house. About ten minutes passed before I reached the convention, there was rows and rows of bikes. I randomly parked and went inside, greeted by members of the Hells Angels. Upon further investigation of the stalls, I seen a prospect. Prospects can't wear the gang patch so it was hard to know who he was from.

He came up to me and whispered in a monotonous voice and said 'You're wanted', he told me the location of the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse and told me there was a meeting I am wanted to attend. I politely disagreed but was warned 'If you refuse, we'll cut your tires every time we see you'. I heard this and reluctantly agreed to go.


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