The Sons of Anarchy

This is based off the TV series but meh, just thought I'd get serious and make something to do with something I like... Bikers...


5. Patched In.

A year passed ( The minimum amount of time that a prospect must wait before possibly being patched in ), Winter was brutal for us though. It rained constantly but the road was still frozen, this made it hard to ride on the highway as normally you speed down at 120mph. We also got into multiple biker wars with other 1%ers ( A 1%er biker gang means it's illegal, unlike 99% of the world apparently, they live without rules besides their clubs ).

We lost multiple in the Nomad Charter ( elite bikers used when a club in a place cant kill someone(s) ) to the Hells Angels and the Pagans.

We were driving down the highway on a ride when a few Pagans had driven up beside us, I withdrew a small m9 beretta and shot at them. As far as I know, they lost a few men from heavy fire from the patched members.

We made it back to the clubhouse in one piece, I entered the oak, painted door and was called into the meeting room. I stood at the back like I had the year previous. A vote was created by the President of which everyone agreed to, I was unsure but then they threw me three new patches. They said

"Sons of Anarchy"

The reaper


and they asked for my prospect rocker. I withdrew my knife used to kill the previous prospect and cut off my prospect rocker.

Again I was up for a while, sowing on the patch, again with a patched members cut to see the positioning needed.


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