The Sons of Anarchy

This is based off the TV series but meh, just thought I'd get serious and make something to do with something I like... Bikers...


4. Jobs As A Prospect.

It was simple, I ride with them... On a small moped but still I rode with them. I was treated like dirt however, I was the clubs little punching bag, I took it though, I was too deep in now to back out.

We were at a annual convention and a Free Rider ( A biker without a club ) start giving dis-respect to members of Sons of Anarchy. The V.President walked up to me and told me to "Pay his respects". I walked up to the man, sternly in attempt to scare him off and hit him on the chin once. He fell straight to the ground and scuttled back to his friends.

Other things included, cleaning the club house and making sure everyone got their beers. At this moment in time, the former prospect became a patched member and abused his power of the other prospects and I. One day, he ordered me to kill the Sgt At Arms, I withdrew my knife from my black leather boots and drove it through him.

This was seen as treason to the club but I did what I did. I gradually explained, they still told me it could effect their trust of me and I may not get patched in.

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