The Sons of Anarchy

This is based off the TV series but meh, just thought I'd get serious and make something to do with something I like... Bikers...


6. A Ride.

Another year in, we were on a specific kind of ride. It lasted roughly sixteen hours.

Here's the scene:

On a long and lonesome highway, you can listen to the engine moan out its one note song.

My thoughts wondered before me, when you're riding sixteen hours, and there's nothing much to do, what do you expect? I despised the journeys length. I didn't feel much like riding, I just wished the trip was through.

I walked into a restaurant with the rest, strung out from the road. I could feel peoples evil stare. I tried to shake it off. I just felt like lashing out at everyone. I couldn't hear anyone talk, I blanked out. I always seemed outnumbered, I refused to make a stand.


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