Tommy and Tori

Tommy and Tori go to an amusement park to have fun but are soon held captive by a deranged trio.


1. The Date

"Tommy", "let's go to the carnival", Tori told Tommy as they were walking hand in hand to school early one October morning.  Tori was a bright, very cute 16 year old with long dark hair and olive colored skin.  Tommy was a tall 16 year old, with short brown hair.  They walked onto the carnival grounds and quickly got in line to get food.  They both got hot dogs and drinks. After eating, they walked up to a game booth and Tommy attempted to win Tori a stuffed animal.  The object of the game was to knock over lead bottles with a softball.  His aim was hard and true, knocking over all the bottles.  He picked a stuffed penguin for his sweetheart, Tori and she rewarded him with a soft, tender kiss.

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