Under rated

The 5sos guys have risen to the point where its to much for them to handle. They're stressed to the point where they just can't take it much longer taking a year off and heading to a island where they'll be hiding for a while. Soon one of the boys develops a little crush for one of their fans and hell breaks lose.


1. Lets take a break

Calum: I'm tired of this guys!!

It's as if Calum wouldn't stop complaining about how we barley have time to ourselves or how we barley have any privacy left.

Luke: I get it mate but we asked for this, we all agreed we wanted this right?

Me and Michael nodded

I guess but then again it would be nice to have some privacy at least I mean Luke doesn't seem to mind with the whole fame at all neither did we until it started getting out of hand.

Calum: All I'm saying is I think we deserve a break. We should take a vacation.

Michael: I actually would like that

Luke: What do you think Ash?

Yeah I guess we could take a little break. We have been rocking out for the past 2 years and the tour we just finished really beat me..

He nods reasoning

Luke: Yeah I guess we could if you guys really need a break

He seemed a little pissed about this but he needs it too even though he doesn't want to accept it.

So after we preformed our last concert of the year we announced we'd be taking a little break and we'd return soon. So we headed off later that night to a private area in an island in Hawaii to chill

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