When You're In Love ||M.C||

When you're in love then what? Will love conquer all? Or are there some things even love can't fix? Jane Carter and Michael Clifford 1/4 of 5SOS discovers the hard truth of life as they slowly fall in love with each other.


2. the second

The second

"Tank you" I said, my voice shaky. I searched for another book to read instead, something I could relax to. I came across Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, one of my favourite books to read. The boy had sat down in his seat again, I sat down too and started reading. "Why is it that they're both rude to each other when it's because they actually like each other?" The boy across from me said, I looked up "I don't know, opposites attract I guess. They didn't like each other because they were so different, sometimes it's a good thing. I mean they did judge each other without even knowing one another" I said quietly as his eyes locked with mine.

"How many times have you read this book?" He asked "Too many, how about you?" I looked at the book he was reading; it was something with ninja turtles. "Only read it once.. It was good. I have a question.. How do you know if you love someone?" He played with his long fringe. Hmm how do you know if you love someone? Haven't thought about that before, I've never loved someone. Well I don't think loving your mother counts.

"I don't know how you would know, I haven't loved someone before... And I assume you're not talking about my mom. Why do you ask?" I said "Oh okay, no reason.. I haven't loved anyone before either, I do hope to find out soon" he said flashing a perfect set of teeth.

I swear my heart skipped a beat. "So what's your name anyway?" He asked closing the book he was reading "Jane Carter, you?" I brushed a strand of hair away from me eyes. "Jane Carter.." He muttered to himself "Well Jane Carter, nice to meet you, I'm Michael Clifford. Hiding here in daytime, and a professional musician at night" he chuckled lightly. " Nice to meet you Michael" I laughed.

"Hey.. I have an idea. What about you find a book I should read and I find a book for you?" Michael was standing up again "Uh, okay.." I hesitated a second, but then I thought, why the hell not?

"Okay, which one should I choose..?" I said to myself as I searched the many shelves. "This one!" I grabbed a book from the shelve; Little Women, I'd read the book a few times and watched the movie. It was one of my favourites. "Little Women" Michael said smirking "What kind of book is this?" "It's a great book, when you finish it there's a movie you can watch if you want" he was difficult to read, his facial expressions were sort of blank.

"Well I want you to read this book" he said holding up a ninja turtle book. Ugh I had to read ninja turtles? "Okay, Ninja Turtles... Are you trying to make me a Ninja Turtle nerd?" I let out a nervous chuckle "Well people can dream, can't they?" He smiled lightly putting my chosen book in his bag. "I guess.. Well I'll better get home now" I put on my jacket and scarf and picked up my bag sliding in the Ninja Turtle book.

"Alright.. You know the book idea was just an excuse, so I could get to see you again" Michael said before walking out of the library door. I watched him as he walked away. A smiled escaped my lips and I made my way to the car and drove home.

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