When You're In Love ||M.C||

When you're in love then what? Will love conquer all? Or are there some things even love can't fix? Jane Carter and Michael Clifford 1/4 of 5SOS discovers the hard truth of life as they slowly fall in love with each other.


4. the fourth

The fourth

My head was aching again, it was so uncomfortable. I just didn't want to leave Michael, I liked talking to him. I looked at my old wristwatch, the time was almost 7, we had been sitting there talking for nearly four hours.. Wow I had never done that before.

"So you're in a band huh?" My eyes flickered around the room "Yeah, we started the band a few years ago, we are soon to go on our first tour" Michael commented brushing a strand of hair away from his eye.

"Cool when?" I curiously looked at him, noticing he had an eyebrow piercing. This guy was hardcore, the only thing I had pierced was my ears. His style was pretty rock and my style was more like a good girl who always does what she's told haha.

"Next year I think" he smirked slightly. He was quite pale but he was gorgeous. In my entire life I never thought I would meet someone like him and actually befriend him.

"Are we still gonna be in contact by then?" He then said after a short silence "Of course!" I nodded and we both agreed.

My life had gone from miserable to awesome. I did dread the day Michael would go on tour, then I'd have no one to hang out with.. What's wrong with me? I'm already dreading that day and I don't even know him that well..

"I have to go now, it's getting late" I sighed heavily and grabbed my bag. "Okay, we'll talk later Jane Carter" Michael smirked waving goodbye.


A week had passed, Michael and I had met at the library everyday since and talked about books and other things.

Today was my first chemo session at the hospital. Nervous or not I had to do it. This was something that potentially could save my life, hopefully it would.

Mom walked beside me as we entered the hospital. Her grip was strong on my shoulder, I could hear subtle sniffles coming from her. She wasn't even sick and yet she was the one crying.

Well I couldn't blame her, I was after all her daughter.

We made it to the information desk, seeing my mother couldn't talk between sobs I spoke up "Hi, appointment for Jane Carter?"

The woman behind the desk nodded and typed something on a computer. "Yes right this way, you're seeing Doctor Welsh today" she stood up and lead us to the elevator three floors up and two doors down a white hall to the right. Everything was so white and clean, if someone dared to breathe on the white walls they might come and bleach everything up.

My heart started pounding and my hands were sweaty as we made it to the room where Doctor Welsh was sitting. She was a woman looking like she could be in her late thirties. She had black short hair and brown eyes, she wore her glasses just over the tip of her nose and she looked very kind.

"Hello Jane Carter. Please have a seat and I'll just tell you a bit about what's going to happen" she stated and smiled kindly "You will go through a series of tests and different types of chemo. Today we will give your first chemo treatment. You can't be sure what to expect, some people lose their hair some doesn't it depends on how you react. Some might even get sick, throw up and not be able to eat, but again it's different from who you are"

I nodded understandingly and reassured my mom that I was fine, with a smile. What if I would lose all my hair? Should I start wearing wigs? Thoughts flew around in my head, all this information was too much for a girl like me. I wasn't ready, I had never been ready for something like this, nor will I ever be.

"We start slowly today, just to see how you react. I know you're scared sweetheart, but I promise you'll be fine. We'll do all we can to cure you" Doctor Welsh spoke softly and calmly while she looked at me with kind eyes that told me not to be afraid.

I had no idea how, but Dr. Welsh made me feel okay, like I shouldn't be afraid of anything, which was nice since my mom was a wreck. Welsh had to ask her to step outside to calm down.

The whole day went by, chemo made me feel ill. Two hours after she gave me the first chemo, I threw up and after that I lay exhausted in bed. I had to tell Michael about all of this.

I grabbed my phone and dialled Michael's number.

"Jane Carte how nice to hear from you!" He chuckled sweetly into the phone "Hi Michael, could you maybe come to my house in about half an hour, if you're not busy?" I coughed out sounding like a pirate.

"Sure, I'll be there?"Michael sounded confused, he had the right to be I hadn't told him why he should come, I could see how it would make him uncomfortable in this situation, had he done the same I probably would be confused as well.

"I'll text you the address" I hesitantly whispered into the phone before hanging up. Straight away I wrote the address and texted it to him.

About fifteen minutes later I heard the door bell. I was nervous, what if telling him meant he didn't want to talk to me because all of my hair might fall off?

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