When You're In Love ||M.C||

When you're in love then what? Will love conquer all? Or are there some things even love can't fix? Jane Carter and Michael Clifford 1/4 of 5SOS discovers the hard truth of life as they slowly fall in love with each other.


5. The Fifth

The Fifth

Hi guys here is the new chapter hope you like it xx

"Jane Carter" Michael smirked as I opened the door. "Hi Michael, come in" I quietly commented and closed the door behind him.

"Are you okay? You seem a bit quiet" he noted as we walked to my room. I motioned for him to sit down, I was a little nervous as to how I would say it.

"Michael, I have to tell you something.." I started the sentence, pausing halfway trough, but decided to continue, "I have leukaemia". His face was unreadable, should I not have said anything?

"How long have you known?" Michael blurted sudden "Since last week" I replied. "Jane, I'm really sorry.. Now I understand why you got so upset the first day we met, you were the family member who just got diagnosed"

"I didn't want you to pity me.. And now that I've told you. Please just treat me the same.. I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore"

"Why would you think I wouldn't want to talk to you anymore?" Michael looked at me sadly "I don't know.. I just thought that if I'd start losing my hair you would think I was ugly.." Speeding through the sentence I didn't really know what I was saying.

"Jane.. I know that we've only been friends for a week but I wouldn't leave you. You're my friend and I'm gonna like for who you are no matter what you look like!"

"Thanks Michael" I blushed slightly. He was so kind to me, how could ever have doubted that he would look at me any differently?

"So now that I'm here anyway, what do you want to do?" Michael took out his phone and started typing. "I don't know.. What do you suggest?"

"Okay, let's go. I want you to meet some people" Michael stood up, he put his phone back in his pocket and dragged me out of my room and outside into his car.

We drove for a while before reaching the destination. "Here we are" Michael said letting himself out of the door. I was trying to figure out where we were but I hadn't been here before.

"Hey.. Stop dreaming! Come on!" Michael opened the door snapping me out of my somewhat daydream. "Sorry.." I let myself out of the car, letting the chilly air hit my pale face. I tugged down in my sweater hiding my hands in the sleeves.

"Where exactly are we?"

Michael turned to look at me, then smiled "We are at my house.. And I want you to meet some friends of mine and you might as well meet my mom"

We went inside this big white house, the interior looked very clean and white. Very classy and neat.

"Nice house.."

"Thanks" Michael replied joyfully. "Who's this young lady?" A woman appeared from another room. "This is Jane Carter, the girl I told you about.." Michael said to the woman. "Oh! Hi Jane, I'm Michael's mother, nice to meet you!" She embraced me in a hug "Hi nice to meet you too!" I hugged her back.

I could see Michael smiling big beside me. He was so weird sometimes.

"Alright Jane lets go upstairs, my friends are waiting" Michael took my hand leading me upstairs. The stairs creaked lightly under my feet. We reached the room which had a dark door and a sign that said 'Rock'n'roll'. I giggled to myself sighing, he was such a boy.

"Michael we thought you'd never.." A boy with black hair and dark eyes stood beside the door, then stopped for a second and looked at me as if he had never seen a girl before

"Calum this is Jane Carter.." Michael said pointing at me, then looked at the black haired boy. "Hi nice to meet you" I shyly put out my hand to shake Calum's hand. "Nice to meet you Jane" he smiled.

"This is Luke, and Luke this is Jane" Michael led me over to a blonde haired boy with a nice quiff.(lol!) "Nice to meet you" he smiled shaking my hand, I nodded. "And last but not least Mr. Chirpy himself Ashton, this is Jane" the last boy was jolly looking, he had ash blonde hair and dimples, he flashed a perfect smile.

"Nice to meet you Ashton" I said shaking his hand. "And you too Jane" he took my hand shaking it. "Is this your girlfriend?" Calum asked looking at us both.

"No Cal, she's that friend I told you about, the one I met at the library.." Michael responded sharply. "Oh.." Luke breathed playing with his lip ring.

"Jane, this is my band." Michael turned towards me with a wide grin smeared on his face. "So this is the famous band I've been hearing so much about!"

I giggled a little, as Michael looked at me with his perfect face I blushed slightly.

"What do you say we take a road trip today? Just you, me and the guys?" Michael suggested. "Okay? To where?" I sat down on his bed beside Ashton, making sure I didn't get too close to him.

"It's a surprise, you need to get away.. Because you know.. Your illness." Michael blushed and looked ashamed at the same time. I could tell he wasn't sure if he should say anything about me having leukaemia.

"It's okay Michael. So yeah guys I have leukaemia, let's just leave it at that. And yes I would love to go, just need to let my mom know and maybe grab a few things from home"

The guys looked at me in shock but soon after relaxed. Ashton made a weird noise, from his expression it seemed like a sympathetic noise. Michael slowly made his way to me giving my arm a soft squeeze "Great, I can drive you home to ask your mom and get your things. The boys already packed.."

I nodded. Me, Jane Carter alone with four boys, one I befriended a few weeks ago and three I met today. Maybe not what I should be telling my mom when she asks about it. I studied Michael's face. His perfect red wild hair stood in every direction burning like a flame. His pale face had a softness to it and his green eyes were deep, oh so deep. I could swim around in them all day. Did I like him already? He did have that effect on me, every time he looked at me or accidentally touched me or laughed he made my body tremble all over wishing to savour the moment forever.

Michael took me home after leaving the boys in his room, and arguing with his Mom over what things she wanted him to bring. I heard her whisper something to Michael before leaving the house. I thought I heard wrong but it couldn't be, she specifically told him to pack condoms, which I couldn't understand why that was necessary.

When I got home, mom actually took it quite nice when I asked her to go on a road trip. She was a bit skeptical at first but Michael charmed her, telling her everything would be okay and that he would take care of me.

Alright guys, hope you liked it x

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