The Real Winner.

The Actress, Bry , and the singer , Luke , had always been impressed with each other's works . But once they get a role together things get way more complicated . People fall in love , people make enemies and people get hurt . But in the end ,who's the real winner ?


1. The news

Bry's POV.

"Cut! Great job Bry! That's a wrap for today ! Be at the studio next Saturday at 4!" My director , Mark , says. I quickly grab a water bottle and walk outside . I was just shooting an episode from my new television series "Neutral" . I have worked so hard for a reputation around here in LA and I have finally got what I have worked so hard for . I quickly get into my car and drive home where I was greeted by my mother . "Hey honey , how was your day ?" . "Pretty good " I say and then walk up to my room . My phone has been going off all day but I have been way to busy to even glance at it . I look down . I have 4 missed calls and 2 text messages from my manager , Candice .

•Hey Bry Bry , this is Candice , you really need to call me when you get a chance ! Love ya !

•Hey I know you are probably really busy but I really need to talk to you like now , call me soon !!

I then call her .

"Hello " she says

"Hey did you call … and text ?" I say jokingly.

"Bry -Bry !! Hey I have been trying to get ahold of you ! I have some wonderful news!" She says .

"And that is ?" I ask

"Well since it is close to your birthday and you are turning 18 I decided to get you a present . "She says

"Really ? And what is my present ?" I ask

"Okay so you know how you are like obsessed with that band . Um , what are they called ? Oh yeah , Five Seconds of Summer ?" She asks .

"Yeah , why?" I say excitingly .

"Well they are like right beside me right now ." She says . Then I hear a group of people yell "Hello".

"Oh my god . What's going on here ?" I say

"Just come to my office already !!" She says . And with that I hang up and look in my closet . I picked out a Nirvana shirt that I cut a little above my pierced belly button and get my bleach plashed shorts and my black vans . I look in the mirror and reapplied my makeup and looked at my brown beach waves that came down to my waist and decided not to change them since they still looked pretty good . I go downstairs tell my mom where I'm going and get in my car and drive to Candice's office . I walk in the door and I am greeted by Luke Hemmings , Ashton Irwin , Micahel Clifford and Calum Hood . I really hope they don't notice that I am nervous.

"Oh my goodness ! Hey! " I say to all them .

"Hi"Calum says

"Hello" Luke says with a smile .

"Hey" Micahel says .

"Oh my god ! It really is you !" Ashton says .

"Yep and it is really you guys !!" I say with a huge smile .

They all smile back and we each give each other hugs . Then we sit down to see what Candice has to say .

"Okay , so Bry I have some really good news !" She says .

"Okay ."I say .

"Alright well I got you a part in a movie called "Starting Over ", you will play as the main female , Kamryn, and you will be starring in all of the five seconds of summer music videos as Luke's girlfriend." She says .

I look over at Luke and smile as he stars to blush. Don't get me wrong I love all of them and they are all gorgeous but I have secretly thought that Luke had the best looks of them all.

"We fought over who got you for about and hour and we settled it by Rock Paper Scissors and Luke ended winning . I should've known though . He is like a beast at that game !" Micahel says .

Luke ended up smiling . "Hey . What can I say ? You always pick paper . " Luke says and we all start to laugh besides Micahel who nods in defeat .

"Oh yeah and this is something new for all of you " Candice says .

We all look confused .

"Well the movie "Starting Over " also has a lead male part open and me and Capital Records thought that it would be best if each of the member of the band tried out for this part ." Candice says .

"This is so not fair . I can't act " Ashton says jokingly .

"Well I guess that sucks for you. " Calum says and Ashton jokingly ouch him in the arm .

"So when are the auditions ?" Luke asks .

"Ooh getting a little anxious aren't we Luke ?" Micahel says jokingly and Luke smiles , looks at me and blushes .

"Well the auditions are sometime next week , but there should be parts for all of you . There are four boy roles . There is Easton, the guy Kamryn falls in love with. Bradley her brother . Carson , the enemy . And Mason, Easton's best friend . So there should be parts for you but you all have to audition to see which one you get "Candice says .

"I will text you all the info whenever I get it" I say .

And with that we all exchange numbers and the boys leave .

"Thank you so much!" I say as soon as the bots are out of sight.

"Your welcome sweetie. You know what ?" She says

"What ?" I say .

" I think Luke likes you "she says .

I blush .

"You like him too?!" She says and smiles .

I nod and she looks at me and smiles .

"I'll hook you all up together " she says .

I smile " I love you so much ! Hey , can I stay at your place tonight ?" I ask .

She nods . I then go outside and jump a little and then call my mom and tell her that I am staying with Candice and she agrees of course . I then call my friend , Faith , who is a total fan girl over Ashton and tell her everything . She starts screaming in excitement . She is also an actress but she likes to stay low because she don't want paparazzi harassing her .

"Omg ! Bry I am so happy for you !!" She says .

"Thanks . Hey you know what ?" I say .

"What ?"she says .

" Maybe I can talk Candice into getting you some parts with Ashton."I say .

"Oh my god ! I would love you forever !" She says.

"Okay I will text you later and tell you what she says"I say .

"Okay . Love ya girly ! Bye!" She then hangs up.

This is a dream come true .

A/N: Hey guys . You all are amazing I just wanted to say that! I have been listening to Green Day while I write this chapter . I hope you like it ! . Love you all!!

-Bryanna 💕

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