The Real Winner.

The Actress, Bry , and the singer , Luke , had always been impressed with each other's works . But once they get a role together things get way more complicated . People fall in love , people make enemies and people get hurt . But in the end ,who's the real winner ?


2. Out with the boys

After I spent the night with Candice I went home before it got too late . I put my phone on charge . I hadn't checked it since yesterday . I waited for about five minutes then the little Apple popped up. Then my phone started beeping like crazy. They were texts from the boys . The first one I saw was from Ashton.

"Hey Bry , It was absolutely amazing meeting you today ! Oh yeah and the boys and I were wondering if you would like to hang with us if you weren't to busy." -Ash

I quickly texted back "Sure , when do you want me to meet you all?".

While I waited for a reply I checked the other messages . They were all from the boys asking if I wanted to go with the rest of them tonight . Except for Luke's message . It said :

"Hey its Luke . I just wanted to say that I am so glad I got to meet you ! I can't wait till we start shooting ! I have a feeling that we will become great friends !".

I don't know why but I have always thought Luke was perfect ! He was just … ugh why does he have to be so … perfect . I woke up from my daydreams when I got a text from Ash. It said :

"Um. We will pick you up at eight if that's okay . We can got to the beach if you like ".

I typed "Okay, that's sounds perfect . Would it be okay if I brought a friend along ?"

"Sure . The more people the better " Ash replied .

I then call Faith .

"Hello?" She says .

"Hey guess what ?"I say

"What" she asks.

"Me and you are going to the beach with the boys !"I say.

"OH MY GOD ! YAY!" She screams .

I pull the phone away from my ear and laugh.

"They will be at my house to pick is up at eight "I say.

"Okay I will be at your house at 7"she says.

"Okay bye " I hang up .

I look at the clock. It was 5:30. It definitely wasn't not going to take me 2 and a half hours to get ready. Or maybe it would . I then grab my red and black shirt that had "Sleeping with Sirens and that showed some of my stomach then I grab my black high waisted shorts and red Vans . Then I get into the shower . Then I blow dry my hair and straightened it then applied a little makeup. I looked at the time it was 6:14 . I then get my phone . I text Luke because I forgot to reply to his message earlier . I text :

"It was amazing to meet you too! I can't wait till tonight ! I'll see you then" .

And as soon as I texted that my doorbell rang . My mom wasn't home she was gone to work so I got the door . Faith was sitting there with a huge smile across her face . She had brown hair , blue eyes and she was wearing a shirt that had "Hollister " written across it and dark , ripped skinny jeans . She was also wearing my Converse that she "borrowed " about 2 months ago. That was something we always done . "Borrow " each other's clothes . I let her in and shut the door .

"Girl , I just can't wait till tonight ! This will be my first time meeting Ashton! How is he like in real life ?" She asks .

"He is really funny and nice . You two will hit it off ! I just know it !"I say.

She smiles and blushes. She has always been obsessed with this boy .

"So have you talked to Candice yet about me ?"she asks .

"Yeah and she said that she will call your manager and sort things out ."I say .

"Yayy!" She says then claps her hands . By that time we heard a beep outside my house . I walk out side and see the boys . They get out to meet Faith .

"Hey guys this is Faith " I say . She waves and tries her best not to look to excited.

"Hey" they all say at once .

"I'm Ashton ."Ashton says and holds at his hand. She then grabs his hand and shake it . After the other boys introduce themselves we got into the car. I was sitting in the main back with Luke and Faith and Ashton were sitting up front while Calum and Micahel were sitting in the middle . I looked over at Luke who was staring at the window . He then looked over at me and I turned away so he wouldn't notice that I was staring . I then get a text message from Luke .

"I see you staring . " he says jokingly .

"I see you staring too. Like what you see ?" I say jokingly .

"Yeah I sure do"he replies . I then look down and blush.

"Really ? And your not so bad yourself "I reply . He then smiles and blushes .

"Thanks . I was hoping at the beach we could have some alone time . You know , just to catch up ."he texts .

" I would like that !"I text . He then looks at me and smiles . I smile back while blushing .

"We're here !" I hear Ashton yell .

We all hop out and after we sit in the sand . I suddenly feel someone pick me up and then I look up and see Luke . He then throws me int I the water .

"You little but hole !" I say jokingly and run after him then tackle him . Some way some how he ends up on top of me . He starts to lean In .

"Okay you little Love birds . You all just started a water fight" Micahel says right before we were about to kiss. Then suddenly Luke gets up and starts pouring water on me . I do the same . I look over to see Ashton splashing Faith and Faith doing the same . Then Micahel and Calum comes over and tackle them . While they were occupied Luke then grabs my hand and we run down to the far end of the beach .

"Your pretty good at water fights " he says

"Thanks and obviously you are too" I say . We both start laughing .

We then start walking around the beach .we start talking about things and tell each other things . After a while he grabs my hand and our fingers intwine together . I look down at our hands and up at him and see that he is smiling . He looks over at me and says " I really like you Bry",

" I like you too , Luke " I say . And we start to get closer . The all of sudden he tackles me into the water .

"Nice " I say .

"Haha I know right ." He says .

We were currently still holding hands and laying in the water . I look up and see the rest of the crowd coming over.

"Uh-oh. What happened while we were gone."Ashton says . I look over to see his arm wrapped around Faith.

"I think I can ask the same thing " I say . He smiles and blushes . We then all sit in the sand . I was sitting next to Luke while the others went to play in the water . I look over to him to see him looking back at me . I then fall into his arms and put my head against his chest . He looks down and kisses my forehead . I look up at him .

"Bry?" He say.

"Yeah ?" I say .

"Do you wanna go out with me ?"he says .

I just smile and kiss him . Our lips mover in sync and it felt like heaven.

"Does that answer you question ?" I say.

He then looks at me and smile .

He is so perfect .

A/N : Hey guys sorry this chapter is pretty short but I really hope you like . I was listening to 5sos album while I wrote this so I kinda felt romantic ! Oh yeah and btw . If you comment you name and features I will choose two lucky girls to be Micahel's girlfriend and Calum's ! Love you all!

-Bryanna 💕

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