The Real Winner.

The Actress, Bry , and the singer , Luke , had always been impressed with each other's works . But once they get a role together things get way more complicated . People fall in love , people make enemies and people get hurt . But in the end ,who's the real winner ?


3. Morgan!

Bry's POV

Last night was amazing . After our kiss we decided just to call it a night and go home . Apparently Faith and Ashton are "talking" now and me and Luke are dating. It's just been amazing . Right now I am laying on the bed half asleep . *ding*. That was my phone . I get up and look at it

Morgan -Hey girl I haven't talked to you in forever !

Morgan was my best friend when I lived in Kentucky . Me and her were like sisters whenever I lived there . I remember us fangirling over 5 seconds of summer . I really missed her . After I moved to California we rarely talked .

Me-Hey girl! How you doin ?

Morgan -Great ! Guess what ?


Morgan-I am in California right now !!


Morgan-yep . Wanna meet at Starbucks ?

Me-Yea sure . I'll be there at five .

Morgan-okay see you there !!

So after that I look at the clock to see that it was one o'clock . I need to start getting ready . So I go and take a shower . Dry my hair and put some curls in it .

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