Jake has a crush on her,
Jake doesn't want to be here anymore,
Jake knows he feels the same,
Jake is a fag,
Jake is AWKWARD funny,
Jake is Jake without the dead ends.
(Strong language)
(This is not any intention to offend anyone, some of the rude language is apart of the story)


3. Wednesday the 12th


             I woke up the next day.Sore from yesterdays running in gym.I got ready as usual putting on my best shirt and my wristbands.The third one reminded me of the first time I got drunk.I ended up passing out when my friend gave me his bracelet.My parents were shocked and made me watch a safe drinking tutorial.I had to  refrain from playing games in class.Which was a good idea since I'm already nerdy enough.

              I climbed downstairs to get breakfeast.The kitchen was cleaner than usual.


             She probally just left.I grabbed some Cheerios from the pantry.They're not even the honey kind,oh god.I should have guessed it because she likes lower calories,but I always like to check.It's like going in the fridge for food when you know it's not there.Empty hopes.

             I glanced at the clock.Shit.8:04.I need to go.

             As quickly as I could,I raced for a spoon to scoop up some dry ass Cheerios.I ate a whole mouthful.As I was grabbing my bookbag the Cheerios spilled everywhere.I'm so dead.

             Reinacting the scene in my head I dashed out the door.My friend Mance was walking up the stairs as I dashed after him.We sat next to eachother.

"Another time you're late,again."

"Hey,I can't control my younger sister singing onedirection in the shower everyday."

I instantly regreted what I said after.

"Your such a joke"he chuckled with a calm voice after.

The bus was moving faster as we rode to school.

 As soon as I got to school Kevin and his possie of boys and girls swarm over.

"Jake,my man"he says and puts his arm around me.

"Sup Kev."

"Hey,does there really have to be this much people here"I whisper.

"Get use to it,they love you."

"No,they love you"I say and then we walk inside school.

 Wade interupts me.


"Sup, Wade"    

"Hey,I gotta tell you something"

I can see it's importiant because he looks at me to fuck off.Kevin notices and unwrapps his arm.Acting sympathetic he says...

"We'll talk later"

Then I'm left alone and everyone else leaves.Except Jada.

"Hey loser"

"Hey Jada"

"What the fuck was up with the possie"

"I know,it's just because of Kev-"

"Kevin I know but,remember what we said"

"Yeah no popularity until you're involved,yup I know"

"But you're going to be trust me."Look the varsities are already looking at you"

I point.

"Yeah,but mostly you"

"Soon everyone will,I'm already going to Katies party on friday"

"Jake ?"


"Remember what happened last time"

"I know,I'll be less careful this time"

I walk away still talking.

"Jake"she says half laughing.

This is what and where I could've been.Hanging out with Jada instead of fucking around at that party.I love her.

                 Right about at lunch time shit got crazy.I took a seat near Kevin since he was practically begging me to.I saw Jada looking for somewhere to sit.Shit,I felt bad.



"Can Jada sit over here?"

"Fuck yeah.Any friend of Jake is a friend of mine"

Suprised by his response, I waved at her to come over.

              She didn't go first because she was scared.I couldn't blame her because everyone at this table are what people call dougebags,but hey...I'm one too.Just as she was coming over her foot slipped.Jada was tripped by Wade,the ultimite douchebag.

              I knew what was coming and I acted like an asshole about it.Just as Izzy started laughing the whole room filled with laughter.Even Kevin.I felt an oncoming guilt and acted like it was fine.Jada stormed out of the room.After the room got awkwardly silent, I left.

I did even though I knew what was coming.

"Jada come back"

"No stop !"she said

I followed her.

"What do you want?"

"Chill it was just a fall"I replyed with just a little to much joy.

"Chill? you want me to chill? what the fuck was that Jake"


"No listen,I thought I could trust you"

"What do you mean? I had nothing to do with this"

"Yeah, you're right"she said sarcastically.

"The one time you're actually "popular"and well known you take it as an advantage to laugh"

"No I didn't,Kevin wanted you to sit with us"

"That's not the point,you didn't help"

"I'm here now-"

"You're not fast enough"

"Even prince charming can't save cinderella"

"Well you don't need to anymore"

"I'm done Jake.With this,with us"

"With everyone"she said.

And with that she ran away.I'd never seen her skip school before.

Fuck me.

Jake is a fag;Jake is in love;Jake couldn't save her;Jake is fucked up;Jake is Jake with the dead ends.





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