Jake has a crush on her,
Jake doesn't want to be here anymore,
Jake knows he feels the same,
Jake is a fag,
Jake is AWKWARD funny,
Jake is Jake without the dead ends.
(Strong language)
(This is not any intention to offend anyone, some of the rude language is apart of the story)


2. Tuesday the 11th



Kevin and I became really close friends after which kind of scared me.Lets start from the first time I was invited to Katie Hockland" the highschool hotties' "party.Me and Kevin had science together.Which the teacher Mrs.Janice made me hate.We were assighned a class project on atoms and shit like that.To research we had to look at the library because are teacher thinks tecnology is overrated.Kevin showed up at the library after I had taken a seat.

"Hey, Jake what's up?"

"Hey Kevin."

Kevin walked in wearing tan colored shorts with a white nike shirt.His hair was slicked back,and half of it was covering his green eyes.

He took a chair next to me.

"Since you came late I grabed some books already"I said trying not to sound mean.

"No problem,my man"he said and slapped my hand for a handshake.

"So, you going ?"

"To what ?"I studdered not paying attention.

"To Katies party"

"Ohh,probally not.She hates me."

"That's not true.I can set you up.She seems like your type."

"No it's fine,If she comes around.Maybe I will"

Now you might think that this was supposed to happen.Your totally wrong.

"Dude,I can pick you up if you don't have a ride"

"No,like I said I can manage"

"I might see you there"

"If you don't get your ass over there ,I swear"

"Okay,Okay if you want me to so bad"

After that things started to change.I started to hang out with Kevin a lot more.Even if it wasn't nessesary.

"Do it "

"Do it"

"Do it"

"Do it"

I didn't even want to.

"Eww what the fuck"


"I'm putting that online"




What the fuck was I thinking.

He seemed to care so much more than I did.

"Dude were so fucked up."

"I know,I'm so drunk."

I know what comes next.

This is too early in the story.

To early in life.

Jake fucked her;Jake is a fag;Jake is clueless;Jake is discusting;Jake is Jake with the dead ends.



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