Jake has a crush on her,
Jake doesn't want to be here anymore,
Jake knows he feels the same,
Jake is a fag,
Jake is AWKWARD funny,
Jake is Jake without the dead ends.
(Strong language)
(This is not any intention to offend anyone, some of the rude language is apart of the story)


1. Jake

Hey guys its Jake,

No-Hi...Jake here,

No to settle...how about ?


I'm just gonna leave it at that.

My name's Jake,you guys already knew that.

This is the unfortunate events in my life that make up who I am,I know it sounds cheesy but it's the best I got.

I'm gonna start off with the annoying bell after high school, yeah I know it sucks to be at the lowest since my dad graduated at the same high school.

We've been here for a while when my mom married my dad in 1987.

We moved here when I was born in 1997.

You guessed it I'm 17 and single,which means most people don't have an interest in me.

People like Kevin do.

We met near the second year of high school.

Ask me why we didn't know each other before then.

It's because people change when they're not meant for someone or something,which Kevin was the " popular guy" I guess.

You know its hard to say those words, when you think about the first day you met them because who they are now... sets you off on what they could have been.

Kevin wasn't popular but was stylish and all the girls wanted him,yeah him the hottest guy in school.

I didnt really see him that way.

"Jake"a strange voice called.

"Jake it's me Kevin."

I looked around and saw him sitting on top of the table.

We were in the luch room and I was humming a tune to a song on my I pod called Somedays by The Maine(I was such a dork).Not for listening to the song but for being so clueless.

"Hey"I said thinking he was talking to me.

Suprised that he was, I took out my headphones.

"Whats up"-just for that little introduction we automaticly connected.

Me and Kevin were best friends.

Jake has a crush on her;Jake is a fag; Jake never listens; Jake is clueless; Jake wants his life back; Jake is Jake with the dead ends.

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