Rise Of Mikkeal

the long awaited sequel to Vaako's Downfall. Book 2 of the Rina series


1. 1

Rina's POV

I sigh as I hear the guards laugh, passing our hiding place. The little boy behind me smiles, seeing them

leave. I've been in Literia, a triple-max prison in the Radon System, for a few months now. It's far from


Funny, I call Helion Prime home... Of course, I'd probably feel at home anywhere but here. The boy

behind me is Sam. He's quiet, never talks. He's like I was at his age. Dropped at a prison at a young age.

There's a CRACK! My inner monolouge is broken. I freeze as Sam whimpers, hiding his face in my side.

I tell him to stay put while I went to see the new prisoner.

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