6 Word Stories.

I have decided to write a six word story every so often. Hopefully they will improve with time. I may write notes on what inspired me or I may not; it all depends on my mood.
I got the idea from Ernest Hemmingway's 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.' He said it was the best story he ever wrote.


20. Story Twenty...

Those who educate themselves are damned.

Today I got a negative referral for reading in class after finishing my work. Apparently, the teacher would have preferred me to have been 'sitting quietly' rather than educating myself...

Of course, there is a bigger issue I'm trying to address here: the people above you want to keep you uneducated so that you can't think to oppose them. Why else am I going to have to pay a small fortune to attend university? Why, when I have finished my education, will I spend the next forty years of my life living under the shadow of student loans?

You tell me David Cameron, you tell me.


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