6 Word Stories.

I have decided to write a six word story every so often. Hopefully they will improve with time. I may write notes on what inspired me or I may not; it all depends on my mood.
I got the idea from Ernest Hemmingway's 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.' He said it was the best story he ever wrote.


46. Story Forty Six...

She closes her eyes. Prays.



As it stands, 414 people have looked at whatever I'm writing.

That's a lot of people.

I'm not sure many of those people have actually taken the time to read all these stories (if I can still call them that), and I imagine that many of them weren't actually engaged by my writing. That, in itself, doesn't scare me; I'm writing for myself more than anyone else. However, it has left me with the burning desire to have written six meaningful words every time I publish a chapter. I don't like the idea of 414 people thinking I'm trivial or absorbed in the unimportant. So I have been trying to make every six words that I spout out perfect.

I still haven't succeeded in that.

I probably never will; six words just isn't enough to convey all the things I would like to say about this crazy world. I am still in the process of accepting this fact but it does make writing rather difficult. I just have to learn to write for fun again, not to show off how clever I am; that leads to pretension and only serves to annoy people.  

I'm going to stop writing these because I feel like I have to make sense of the world in six words at regular intervals. I'm going to write when I want to, when I have ideas, when I have something to say... When there is a point to it.

Hopefully, this way, I'll go back to enjoying writing instead of being scared of it.

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