Alternate reality


3. the switch

Kara was crying all night did you hear her asked Cho Chang . Well her foster father is locked up in Azkaban can

You blame her Ron asked with sympathy. No I just think she's trying too

Hard just to be an Damn

Slytherin. Watch your mouth Parkinson Hermione jeered. Granger your Nieve to

Think that she ever would have ended up

As a slytherin in the first place. You

Call yourself the brightest witch of your age ..your full of it. He ought to be shoved into a cozy little cell in Azkaban.

Mean while at the three broomsticks

Rita it's perfect she's almost ready I was her age when I competed in the games she'll be fine. Primrose have you lost your damn mind she'll be eaten alive said haimige. You can't be serious you'll be 17 in June you could compete please don't make it be Karolyn's problem. I can't let u do this she's only 15 said a terified Rita. 15 or not she's going into that arena in May. I'm

So sorry but it'll have to be done or snow will have both your heads. She's not going into that arena said Effie walking in. I put a little charm in her trunk all she has to do is switch places with another witch and she will be In the clear. Are you certain it will work. In potions class Kara was fiddling with powdered root of asperdole. Too bad she's in denial over her skills she'd make a great representive for the quibber said Luna. She'd be perfect for it if you want a little half blood tramp in your editorial staff Lovegood. Ignore her she's a insecure little bitch who's probably ready to go to bat for Draco were is the ferret boy anyway? Don't feed the hippo griff everyone knows she'd love to relish in her sorrow that the sylthrein sex god isn't knock on her door said Ron. As everyone was getting started professor snape walked in with an absolute look of anger on his face. Everyone is to create a form of polyjuice potion within the hour . As Neville was panicking over a cauldron of murky brown potion surprisingly Kara rushed to his aid. I'm going to get more supplies she said vanishing into the back.

Suddenly a big explosion occurred sending everyone into panick. Harry! Were are you? Here said harry ducking from a shattering glass filled with dragons blood. Hermione! Miss granger has gone boys. Gone? How can she have gone she can't have appreated inside Hogwarts. Can she? No she can have said harry. Excuse me please your blocking my stuff. Oh sorry said Ron. Wait Hermione is that you?! What have you done to your hair? My name is Karolyn she sniffed. What? Oh you might want to clean that up.

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