Alternate reality


1. Kara's sorting

When Minerva came out to do the sorting she got through almost everyone who ether ended up in raven claw or slthyrin thier was only one girl left she had the hat place on her head for two seconds Better be gryffandore said the hat. No she screamed please no she sobbed Hermione could not help but stare at the girl she was escorted out and spent most of her time with the sylthrins . I'm telling you she's mental said Hermione. Who screams like that at the sorting she must want to be with those back stabbing ferret like freaks pretty badly to pull that kind of melt down. Mione try to understand she could've picked slthyrin but the hat chose griffindore for a reason right? Weasel bee what are you doing near us you look sad very sad said Malfoy with a smirk. Ron said nothing. Walking over here was a big mistake. Piss off Malfoy serpent sorsea he shouted as the snake shot out of his wand. Draco whispered Kara let's get out of here and Draco did exactly that.

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