Alternate reality


2. Breakdown part one

I'm telling you Draco she's a freak your image will be damaged if you hang around that little filthy vermin any longer. Pansy she's my father's new interest not mine I'd rather rot in the ground than hang around her. Hey man don't speak so low of her said Blaise she's gorgeous. You play with her then mate I don't need this. Well I geuss you were lying the whole time about me being a slthyrin she walked off without one more look at him. You Self center egotistical son of a bitch yelled Hermione do you know what you have just done? She then walked off to help Kara. She found her sobbing in the bathroom next to Priscilla Nott. What are you doing here Mudblood she spat. Just can it Nott I'm trying to help. What did I do that was so wrong asked Kara. Nothing! He's the prat that lied to you. Oh granger said Priscilla you just don't get it he's a lover not a fighter she got what she deserved. Come on I'll go with you to potions. When they got there Professer snape looked coldly at them both. Miss granger you don't take potions this period he smirked. Here you are she said to Kara handing her the books and parchment. Thank you granger said Kara. Call me Hermione she replied. The next mourning Ron went on piling his plate with pancakes and eggs. Ron do you have that report that we were supposed to finish for mcgonegell ? No but I think Hermione should hel....No harry I'm not helping you you do it yourself. Kara's hurt said a terrified Priscilla Nott. Come with me she said as they ran like track stars to the hospital wing. There already stood malfoy's parents looking frantic. What did this asked Lucius with fiery. Lucius please don't they didn't know it was in here stammered Narcissa. Breath darling it's alright. What happend asked Hermione. We don't know. She was hit with a closet jinx those are specially for those who are claustrophobic. How would they have known though that she was...? Draco Kara finally spoke. He... It's ok sweetheart said Narcissa. Take your time. He...said....that...that I was not aloud to hang around him anymore. With this she broke into a large sob. Darling it's fine please calm yourself said Narcissa. Hello said professor mcgonegell I am here to talk to Lucius Malfoy. Why? Because he has been charged with defying the ministry dear said Dolores umbridge. What?! I'm sorry Narcissa but I have to take him. Why what has he done to deserve this sentence?! He was in charge of the death eaters that stole the prophecy from the department of mysteries. His hearing with be on the forth of august next year dear I hope you can make it. No please No screamed Kara in rage. Kara darling you got to stay please. Don't let then touch her what ever you do Lucius bellowed. Back to your dormitories Now!

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