Jade was 17 years old, typical girl with a typical life. Captain of the cheerleading team, perfect grades, every guy wanted her. Except the guy she wanted... Luke hemmings 17 years old, quarterback of the football team. Absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect couple except for the fact he has a girlfriend, and he is my best friend...


5. chapter 5

Its been about a week since Luke and I kissed. No we aren't dating. Yes im annoyed about it. I just don't understand why he would kiss me and admit to being in love with me but not ask me to be his girlfriend. We've been hanging out more than usual. Almost everyday. After his football practice was over, he would come watch cheer practice until it ended then we would go out to dinner after. Usually the diner.

Its Saturday night and everyone decided to go hangout at Ashton's house. Luke showed up at my house so we could walk there together. We walked the whole way there holding hands, but once we were at the doorstep he pulled his hand out of my grasp. We entered the house and everyone was sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. Luke and I grabbed plates and joined everyone at the table. These were basically the only people, other than my team, that I hung out with. In a short amount of time we all bonded and became best friends. The guys and myself quickly adapted to Jess. All of us always hung out, almost everyday. This was by far my favorite thing to do though, I loved sitting around just relaxing and eating with all of my best friends.

After we all ate dinner we were watching a movie. Luke was sitting next to me with his arm around my shoulders. He seemed tense, he kept checking his watch and bouncing his leg in a really annoying way.

At around 10 o'clock Luke got off the couch. "well im gonna have to leave. Jade youre coming right?"

I looked at him confused but I went along with it, saying quick goodbyes to everyone. Once we left Ashton's house, I expected Luke to explain why he made me leave but he didn't. We walked in silence until we arrived at the park. I sat down on one of the swings, and Luke stood in front of my swing.

I gave him a small smile "Whatcha doin Luke?"

He smiled back before responding "Well you're probably waiting for an explanation. So here it is. Jade, I never knew I felt this way about you until I kissed you. I kissed you because I needed to confirm that I do indeed love my best friend. So here it is. Im in love with my best friend. I would've asked you this sooner, but I wanted to think of something special first. So I brought you here, to the park where our moms brought us to have our very first play date to ask you this Jade. will you be my beautiful, amazing girlfriend?"

Tears filled my eyes and I shook my head mumbling "yes" through tears. Luke pulled my body close to kiss. Planting a kiss right on my lips. I pulled away giggling.

"Luke why is your phone buzzing non stop right now." I asked

"Well its probably the guys...they knew I was gonna ask you they're probably wondering how it went." he said pulling out his phone.

The caller id said Calum. I took his phone answering it.

"She said yes, now leave us alone to celebrate." I said through the phone. I heard cheering coming from the other end of the phone, before I hung up.

As soon as I hung up, I jumped onto Luke. Wrapping my legs around his waist, tangling my hands in his hair. He softly kissed me. I felt him smiling into the kiss.

We walked back to my house holding hands, once we got there we immediately crawled into bed. I snuggled into Luke chest.

"I love you Jade." he mumbled through my hair.

"I love you too Luke." I replied.

He kissed he side of my head before we both fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up to luke gently kissing my neck. I smiled and turned towards him. We began making out, but purposely to annoy him I pulled away and walked out of the room. I heard him groan in response, making me chuckle. I walked into the kitchen and was standing in front of a counter making myself a bowl of cereal. I felt Luke's hands on my waist, I spun around to face him and he lifted me off the floor. Setting me down on the counter.

"You cant just leave me like that Jade.." he mumbled before pressing him lips against mine continuing what we started upstairs.

Things were getting intense quickly. Both of us were so lost in the moment, we were startled when Calum, Ashton, and Michael walked into the kitchen. They started whistling, and being obnoxious.

"How did you guys even get in here?" I asked them, while Luke let out a groan of frustration.

"If you plan on fucking on top of the kitchen counter, which is repulsive may I add, you should lock your front door." Michael said as the other boys stood there giggling.

"Well what do you guys want? Did you need something or did you come to be a pain in the ass?" Luke said to them

"We came because we wanted to watch a movie with the happy couple!" Calum replied

"Can we go pick up Jess from her house?!" Ashton yelled. Its really cute how into each other they are.

"Yeah lets go, be right back Jade" Calum replied. I nodded in response,

Luke kissed my cheek and whispered "Be back soon babe"

All of the boys except Michael walked towards the door.

"Im gonna hangout here with jade, don't really feel like getting in the car." Its was strange but no one argued about it.

Once everyone left the house me and Michael sat on the couch, talking for a while about random things.

"So jade are you happy Luke finally asked you to be his girlfriend?" he asked

I smiled and replied "Yeah he makes me happy.."

Michael smiled and nodded slowly "That's good..."

I felt him staring at me, next thing I knew he was leaning towards me, then his lips were on mine. And I didn't pull away.

The door swung open and the guys walked in with Jess. Thank god we separated quick enough. They didn't see. Michael stood up quickly.

"I have to leave." he stuttered before quickly exiting the house.

"Whats up with him?" Luke asked me

"I don't know.. Jess could you come upstairs with me really fast?"

she nodded and followed me upstairs.

"Me and Michael kissed..I had Luke for a day and its already fucked up. He's gonna break up with me" I sobbed

"Why did this happen?" she asked

"I don't know he just did it and I don't know Jess.. I fucked up. How am I gonna tell Luke?" I cried

"I don't know Jade. but you have to do it. And we have to get back down there or theyre gonna know somethings up." she said to me

"I know come on." I replied, trying to get myself together before going back downstairs.

Downstairs the guys already started watching a movie, I sat down next to Luke and he put his arm around me pulling me closer. He whispered "I love you" to me. I just smiled and kissed his cheek. I felt horrible.


Its been a few days since Michael and I kissed and I still haven't told Luke. Ive been really distant. He's starting to notice, I have to tell him soon.

We were sitting on my bed doing homework. He tried to kiss me but I turned my head.

"Alright Jade whats up with you?" he said to me

"Luke I have to tell you something." I said with tears forming in my eyes.

He looked at me waiting for me to continue.

"The other day when you and the guys went to get Jess..and Michael stayed behind.. well he um kissed me.. and I didn't exactly stop him." I said trying not to break down yet.

I could see Luke's face change. I felt horrible.

"We've barely been together for a week and you cheated on me. I cant believe this.." he said

"Luke im so sorry. It didn't mean anything. I love you and only you Luke." I cried

"I need sometime jade. Im sorry but I lost all my trust in you...Im breaking up with you." he said with tears in his eyes.

Before I could reply he was gone. I collapsed into my pillow, crying. Loud violent sobs racking through me entire body making me shake. I cant believe I lost him already.

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