Jade was 17 years old, typical girl with a typical life. Captain of the cheerleading team, perfect grades, every guy wanted her. Except the guy she wanted... Luke hemmings 17 years old, quarterback of the football team. Absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect couple except for the fact he has a girlfriend, and he is my best friend...


4. chapter 4

Its been a few days since Luke apologized. Things haven't gone back to normal exactly. im not sure how to explain it. Luke's been acting sort of..i don't know distant, nervous maybe. I tried talking to him about it a few times but he denies it. Todays finally Friday. It been such a long week, only one more school day to survive until the weekend. I walked into homeroom and saw an unfamiliar face. As soon as my teacher saw me I was called to her desk.

"Good morning Jade! You probably noticed our new student, I was hoping you would be willing to show her around the school. She's quite nervous, and it seems like your schedule's are almost identical."

I agreed and went to take my seat next to the new student. She was a pretty girl. Dark, thick, long brown curly hair. Pretty green eyes and tan skin.

"Hi, im jade. Im gonna be showing you around for a while until you get used to the new school."

She smiled at me before replying "Thank goodness I have you, I have no idea where anything is! my name is Jessica, but you can call me jess."

Before I could reply class started.

Finally the school day was over, I was at my locker. jess was standing beside me. Luke approached us. He was walking with his friends Calum, Ashton, and Michael. Other than me, those were all of his best friends. I was close friends with all of them as well but not nearly as close as Luke is.

"Hey Jadeeee, do you wanna come to the diner with us?" Ashton said to me

"Yeah sure" I replied.

I Then turned to Jess "Jess would you care to join us?"

She agreed and I introduced her to all of the guys. All of the guys said hello but I noticed Ashton sounded a bit nicer than usual. I already am picking up the vibe that he likes her. We all exited the school, walking towards Michael's van. Once we all were arranged in the van, we began driving towards the diner. Playing music and talking about school and anything else that came to mind.

We were seated at the diner. I was sitting in between Luke and Michael. Across from us was Calum, Jess, and Ashton. Me and Jess were talking about a project that was assigned today. Michael and Calum were saying something quietly. I knew they were looking back and forth from me to luke. I ignored it though. Michael put his arm around my shoulders and turned to look at Luke, then back to me.

"Jade you look so cute today" he said to me while tapping my nose.

"Thanks Michael" I said while giggling at his weird behavior.

Luke tensed up next to me. Ashton was trying to cover up his laughter but I knew what he was doing. Something weird was going on. They're hiding something from me and I wanna know what it is.

After we were finished at the diner we all came back to my house. My parents were always gone on business trips, but it didn't really bother me. Everyone was sitting on the couch when Calum screamed.

"Guys lets play truth or dare!"

I groaned in response knowing it wouldn't go well. They love playing stupid games like truth or dare and frankly I hated it. Despite my protest, everyone else agreed on playing. I was dragged to the floor by Ashton. We were all sitting in a circle on the floor.

Calum spoke first "Okay Ashton who do you like?"

This caused everyone to giggle. I obviously wasn't the only one who realized Ashton liked Jess. Ashton started stuttering.

"Ashton everyone here knows you like jess." Luke said outloud

Everyone laughed and Ashton blushed like crazy. Jess leaned over smiling, and planted a kiss on Ashton's cheek.

"Okay, Okay. Everyone stop making fun of me!" Ashton whined "Michael truth or dare?"

Michael replied dare.

Ashton sat there for a minute, consulting with calum about what the dare should be before saying "I dare you to kiss Jade." Ashton and Calum were smirking and giggling. Before I could say a word Michaels lips were roughly pressing against mine. We pulled apart just in time to see Luke stomping out of the room. Ashton and Calum were laughing.

I heard Ashton mutter "Payback for saying I liked jess!"

What the hell is going on. I walked out of the room looking for Luke. I went upstairs to my bedroom and he was in there. Laying on his back, on my bed. I sat next to him with my legs crossed.

"Luke whats wrong" I asked while poking his side.

" know what why don't you go ask Michael." he replied harshly

"Youre mad because I kissed him?"

luke didn't reply he just stood up off the bed and paced around the room, so I took that as a yes.

"Why do you care so much if I kiss Michael?"

He looked at me really intensely. Walking closer and closer to me.

"Wanna know why I care so much Jade?"

Before I could say anything in response Luke kissed me. He sat down on the bed pulling me onto his lap. We stayed sitting like that making out. He pulled away from me, mumbled out an "I love you Jade. That's why I don't want you kissing anyone else." then he reattached our lips. I couldn't believe this was really happening. It was like a dream, far from reality.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. I got off of Luke and swung open the door Michael was standing in the doorway.

"Everyone's gonna head home now, i'll see you guys tomorrow." Michael said

I replied saying a quick goodbye, Luke barely said anything to him. Still angry about what happened. Once I heard them all exit the house I returned to Luke. I laid down in bed, snuggling into the blanket. Luke went to stand up.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jade." Luke said while walking to the door.

"Luke wait...stay with me?" I said quietly

Luke smiled before walking back to the bed and laying down next to me. We both were laying in bed talking until we both fell asleep in each others arms...

*I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please comment what you think, and what you want to happen in this story, i'd love to hear your ideas!*

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