Jade was 17 years old, typical girl with a typical life. Captain of the cheerleading team, perfect grades, every guy wanted her. Except the guy she wanted... Luke hemmings 17 years old, quarterback of the football team. Absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect couple except for the fact he has a girlfriend, and he is my best friend...


3. chapter 3

Luke and I were just hanging out at my house, watching a movie. I was still in my pajamas even though the day was already almost over. It was 7 o'clock. Luke's phone rang, he quickly answered. "Yeah, now? Okay we'll be there soon. Yeah okay bye." He hung up and pulled me off the couch.

"Come onnn. You have to get dressed for Ashton's party!"

I groaned in response. Luke basically carried me upstairs to my bedroom. I went into the bathroom and got ready, considering he laid on my bed and refused to leave.

Once I was ready for the party we started walking to Ashton's house, it's only about 5 minutes away.

Ashton's parties were always the best parties. That's what the whole school thought. I disagreed, I just don't like parties in general. Probably because I'm always awkward. I was sitting in the kitchen with my friend Michael, if like wasn't my best friend Michael would be. Him and luke both played football together, I've known Michael for years our parents are friends. Speaking of luke..he is currently an dancing with Nicole. She's such a slut. I have to tell luke what I saw. I turned to Michael, deciding to ask him for advice. "Michael can I talk to you alone for a minute?" He nodded before leading me outside to Ashton's backyard. We sat down on an old swing set.

"What's up jade? You seem upset about something." Michael said

"Well the other day to the mall I saw so I was walking to my car and I kinda saw Nicole kissing a guy...who wasn't luke." I said quickly

"What?! Did you tell luke yet?!" He practically yelled

"No! I'm scared to tell him!" I quietly said

"Jade you have to go tell right now!" He replied

I sighed before replying "alright fine I'll go tell him.."

Michael nodded before we walked back inside. Thankfully Nicole and luke weren't dancing or making out, they were just sitting on the couch. Nicole was sitting on her phone texting someone and luke was sitting there awkwardly.

"Luke do you think I could talk to you in private for a minute." As soon as I said that Nicole glared at me. I spoke again "I promise It won't take long.."

Luke nodded and walked upstairs as I followed. We entered a room, which I assumed was Ashton's.

"Okay luke so I know you're not gonna want to hear this, but you're my best friend so I need to tell you.."

Luke looked at me confused "hurry up and tell me jade you're scaring me.."

I sighed before saying "the other day when I was at the mall, on my way out I saw something..I uh..I saw Nicole. And saw was um..she was kissing some guy. I don't know who it was."

Luke didn't say anything for a moment he just kinda say there. After a minute or two he replied "jade I'm sorry but I don't believe you. She loves me. Nobody else."

My jaw dropped. I can't believe this. "Luke why would I lie about this.."

He got up and walked to the door "jade I know you don't like her but to try to break us up..that's bitchy jade."

After he says that he walked out of the room slamming the door shut. A few tears rolled down my face. I ran out of the room, immediately bumping into someone. I looked up and it was Michael. He pushed me back into Ashton's room. I completely broke down in his arms. Violently sobbing against his chest. He rubbed my back trying to calm me down.

"Jade..please stop crying and tell me what happened.."

I tried to steady my breath so I could tell him. "Luke didn't believe me..he believes her. I'm his best friend and he's mad at me now" I said between sobs.

Michael didn't say anything instead he just sat there trying to calm me down still. My crying slowed down. My voice was still shaky. I mumbled "I love him michael. I'm in love with luke." Michael pulled away in shock. I started crying hard again, and he just pulled my close again.

*Lukes POV*

I walked downstairs, furious about what jade told me. Why would my best friend lie to me like that. I get it she doesn't like Nicole, but to say she cheated on me is low. Nicole wasn't on the couch anymore. I walked around the whole house looking for her. I sent her a text.

"Hey babe..where are you? I've been looking for you?!"

I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I knocked on the door, nobody answered so I walked in. Nicole was sitting on the sink, some guy was all over her. I cleared my throat. She looked at me, shock evident in her eyes. She pushed the guy off of her.

"Luke I can explain this!"

I shook my head "we're done nicole"

I walked away. Jade wasn't lying to me. I'm such an asshole. I walked home.

After walking for about 10 minutes I was home. I collapsed on my bed. Thinking about tonight. I can't believe she cheated on me. I can't believe this is happening...

I woke up the next morning. Still shocked about last night I have to go apologize to jade. I walked to her house. Her parents car was gone so she must be home alone. I rang the door bell over and over again but she didn't answer. I opened the door, surprised that it was unlocked. I walked into the house, I found her in the living room. She didn't realize I was here yet. She was pacing around the room on the phone. Her face was stained with tears and make up. I was about to say something but she started talking into the phone again.

"Michael I know...don't say that about him, he's your friend too. I can't do that, I love him. No you don't get it, I've been in love with him for years now. I know he's my best friend, but I want more than that with him. I love literally everything about luke...I don't know Michael I can't talk about this anymore..yeah I'll text you later..bye"

I can't believe what I just heard..jade walked into the hallway that I'm currently standing in.

"Luke..what are you doing here?" She paused her eyes widening "how long have you been standing here?!"

I thought about if I should be honest or not. I decided not because I need to think about what she said. "I just walked in now..I came to talk to you."

She looked annoyed "talk then.."

She is mad very very mad at me I can tell. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I saw Nicole with another guy last night. I broke up with her. I'm so sorry jade."

"I accept your apology..I hate being mad at you luke. I'm sorry you had to see it for yourself luke.." She replied pulling me into a hug.

I was upset about what happened with Nicole but what I heard jade saying on the makes me happy. I don't know...

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