Jade was 17 years old, typical girl with a typical life. Captain of the cheerleading team, perfect grades, every guy wanted her. Except the guy she wanted... Luke hemmings 17 years old, quarterback of the football team. Absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect couple except for the fact he has a girlfriend, and he is my best friend...


2. chapter 2

Last nights game ended in a victory. I should be happy I know but as soon as luke stepped off the field Nicole rushed to his side, being the annoying girlfriend she is. I know I know jealousy is never good. If Luke's happy with her I should be happy for him. But that's not happening. I refuse to be supportive of this. Something about her screams...whore.

I was walking through the mall. Trying to find the perfect dress. I was invited to a party this Saturday. It happened to be Ashton Irwin's party, one of Luke's close friends. I wanted to look hot, if luke was going with Nicole then I had no choice but to look better than Nicole. I know I sound immature but I couldn't care less.

I walked into forever 21, my favorite store in the world. I could spend thousands if dollars in this place. I picked up a long sleeved red dress, it was pretty simple but it looked good. Red complimented my dark hair and light eyes. I bought a pair of black heels to wear with the dress. Once I paid for the outfit, I was on my way. I exited the mall and looked for my car in the parking lot. I always lose my car in parking lots. My eyes were scanning everywhere looking for my little white car. Black car, blue car, couple making out on a bench. My eyes were glued I the couple, suddenly forgetting about finding my car for the moment. That wasn't just a random couple it was Nicole...and the guy wasn't luke. I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. I was standing like a lost puppy completely clueless. I did the first thing I thought of which was snapping a photo and running towards the parking lot to find my car. Now I had evidence. I just didn't know what to do with it. After about 5 minutes of thinking long and hard I've decided to tell luke. I just have to wait for the right time. I started driving home, happily humming along to the radio. I know it's wrong to be happy about this but I just really hate her.

I collapsed into my bed, it was about 3am. I was on the phone with like for almost 2 hours. Thank god tomorrows Saturday and I don't have to wake up for school. I slowly fell asleep, thinking about everything like said to me over the phone. It wasn't anything too important but everything he says captivates me. Nights like tonight it's almost like he puts me into a trance.

All I can think about is him.

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