Jade was 17 years old, typical girl with a typical life. Captain of the cheerleading team, perfect grades, every guy wanted her. Except the guy she wanted... Luke hemmings 17 years old, quarterback of the football team. Absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect couple except for the fact he has a girlfriend, and he is my best friend...


1. chapter 1

***snall chapter just to give a little preview of what this story will be like! Comment what you think!***

I sat in class. Staring at the clock, counting down the seconds until the bell rang. I walked to the girls locker room changing into my practice clothes, then headed out to the field. I was sitting in the grass my eyes glued to my phone. I heard my name being called. "Jaaaaaade!" I turned around to see my best friend luke in his football uniform. "Hi luke" he lifted me off the ground and pulled me into a hug. "After practice do you wanna get some ice cream, then we can go to the game together later?" I smiled and replied "yeah luke sounds good to me." Before he could reply his friend started dragging him towards the rest of the football team. Tonight was the first football game of the season so the whole school was pumped.

After 3 hours of brutal practice, I walked to Luke's car. He was sitting on the truck yelling into his phone. "No you're wrong. She's not like that, whatever I gotta go." He hung up, he came over to me and hugged me before pulling back. "Ew you're sweaty!" I laughed "So are you luke!" We both got into the car. I felt like being nosy so I asked "who was that in the phone before." He groaned "my stupid mom." "What happened?" He sighed before replying "she was arguing with me about Nicole, she thinks she's bad news." I didn't respond because in all honesty I agreed with Luke's mom. Nicole was a slut, cheated on almost every boyfriend she's ever had. I've tried to tell luke but he ignores my opinion. And I'm not just saying that about Nicole because I've been in love with luke for about my whole life.

I met luke in the second grade. I was the new kid at school, during lunchtime some bratty kid stole my bag of gummy bears so I started crying, and luke pushed the kid down and got back my bag of gummy bears. Stupid story I know but we've been best friends ever since then. We both have been in a few relationships over the years but I've always had a crush on him.

We sat in the small ice cream shop, he was eating cookies and cream and I was eating cotton candy. The usual. After we ate our ice cream we went back to his house, he changed into his uniform for the game which started in about an hour, then we went to my house, I changed into my cheer uniform. Then we went back to the school and waited for the big game to start.

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