How you two cuddle

You've had a long day and luke wants to cuddle


1. how you two cuddle


You got home from work to see luke on the couch hugging a pillow. You put down your bags and plopped down next to him. He looked over at you with his big blue eyes. He crawled over to you and plopped his head on your lap. "Really luke? I've had a long day." You tell him about to fall asleep. He gave you a puppy dog face that you just couldn't resist. You smiled at how adorable he was. Luke picked you up bridal style and gently put you on the bed. He put in the movie titanic and you rested your head on his chest. He began to play with your hair, soothing you. When you were about to fall asleep, he kissed your nose and said, "Goodnight princess."

The next morning:

You woke up to see luke staring at you. His face began to turn red. "Good morning lukey! ;)" you said. He smiled. "'Morning" he said, voice still raspy. He pulled you in close and you two cuddled until luke got hungry.

This is my first imagine. Sorry if it's bad. Feedback???

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