The Mystery That Is Me

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 12 Oct 2014
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1. The Mystery That Is Me

The Mystery That Is Me

No light can emblazon the path

That illuminates a direct course

Throughout the maze withholding

My deepest thoughts,

Or look beyond the barrier

That conceals my dearest memories.

No one can see through the mask

That disguises my truest feelings,

Or glance through my emotions, 

For they are kept at a distance:

Away from my sensitive intuition.

And no mindreader or fortuneteller

Can truly understand or predict

Who I am, what I’ll become, 

For even with sincere concern

And devoted love, one cannot understand

What I refuse to reveal.

All effort is rendered useless

And undying persistence deemed foolish,

For I am the only one who can show you

The mystery that is me.

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