Stories Of Jennifer

The mishaps and adventures of everyday life!


4. Whiskers

Jennifer and her mother stood in the pet shop window. They watched the kittens pounce and play in the shredded newspaper.

Mom turned to Jennifer and asked, "Which one would you like?"

"Why would I want another cat? Whiskers will come back."

Mom tried to distract Jennifer. "What about the orange-and-striped one? He's so cute and full of energy."

"So is Whiskers. Can we go now?"

"Honey, I'm sorry the garage door got left open that night. But we've tried everything--we went door-to-door, we asked the neighbors, and we even put up posters at the school and on the street poles."

Jennifer stared at her shoes, but suddenly her head jerked up. "Wait! I have an idea. We could put up an ad and a photo of Whiskers in the newspaper."

Mom agreed that it was worth a try. She was just glad to see her daughter smile for the first time that week.

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