Greenlight // L.H

"Give me the green light, we could have all night."


2. chapter one

   Even the moon has a dark side


   "Are you sure he's what you want?" My friend, Hannah, asked me cautiously. I nodded with a smile, grabbing the stuffed toy off the shelf for my little cousin. Christmas was right around the corner and the scent of pine had gotten me in the mood.

   "Jeremy loves anything that has to do with Diego! He'll practically worship me after he opens this gift!" I laughed quietly, Hannah following me as we made our way to the register. Out of the corner of mu eye, I could see a familiar figure walking grumpily through the store. I looked over only to snap my head forward. I nervously tapped my foot, people glaring at me annoyed.

   "What's got you paranoid?" Hannah asked, oblivious to the fact Luke was walking near us.

   "More like who..." I trailed off, slightly turning my head.

   "Luke?" She immediately picked up, turning her head to look at what I looked at. Her calm demeanor finally met my nervous one. We waited anxiously for us to meet the register, although it seemed like the lady in front of us had wanted to buy the whole store. Every few seconds I would look around scared. I've heard what he's like, and not one part of it screams safe. Eventually we are checked out and walking out of the store. My breathing was heavy and things felt weird.

Have you ever got a vibe where you feel like something is going to happen, you don't know whether it's good or bad but you just know something is going to happen? That is exactly how I feel right now.

As I was walking towards exit I noticed Luke heading the same way. I hurried out of the door and onto the pavement in front, nerves eating at me. Without another thought I dashed across the parking lot, only to be pulled back by a strong hand. A loud honk filled my ears and bright lights consumed my vision. I took a deep breath, thankful I was that injured. Once the shock wore off my body; consequently, I turned to look at who had pulled me back.

Luke's hand still gripped my wrist, tattoos swirling from his wrist up, such a different contrast from my clean skin. I pulled my hand back in fear, rubbing my skin.

"You outta be more careful...if both the driver and person walking aren't paying attention, theres bound to be an injury. Unfortunately for your dumbass, the driver is rarely the one who gets hurt." He spoke through a thickly accented voice. Nobody ever mentioned he was Australian.

"Oh, clumsy me! Well, I've got to go!" I exclaimed, latching onto Hannahs wrist and dragging her to the car with me, making sure my path was clear.

"Be careful because next time I'll let the car hit you." Luke called out as a series of shivers tickled down my spine. Images of my body meeting the cold, packed ground pushed my eyes shut. I quickly made it to the car, getting in and starting it while Hannah stuffed the bag in the trunk. She eventually got in and soon I had rushed out of the parking lot and towards home.

"Luke fucking Hemmings talked to you!" Hannah shouted in shock, tears welling in my eyes.

"Yeah, so?" I sniffled, trying to play it off like I wasn't bothered even though we both know I was.

"Olivia! You've heard of what happened to Morgan! This isn't a small matter? Too make matters worse, he saved you from getting hurt! What else does he want before you end up like Morgan?" She went on to explain, as I pulled my lip between my teeth in fear of my upcoming fate. Let's explain a couple things.

Apparently Morgan was Luke's most serious fling. They never dated, they never told each other they loved one another but they stayed together for a few months which is a long time considering it was Luke. According to the twisted stories I have been told, one day Morgan took the jump and told him she loved him. Afterwards, she said she didn't mean it and they got in a huge fight. I remember her coming to school with bruises all over her body...coincidently she was found dead couple days later.

I shuddered, reminiscing the memory.

"If I were you I'd be careful! Tick tock goes your clock..." She added, which only intensified my beginning fear. Any girl Luke has hooked up with has come to school only a few days later with their body physically destroyed. Bruises, scratches, and multiple other things.

Eventually I pulled into Hannah's driveway and she got out. Before she could add on, I quickly close the door and backed out. The whole ride home was spent with my mind wandering in different directions. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew I wasn't ready for it.

So now with fear comes time, and I guess we can see what happens together.


Hey guys! So I understand this first chapter is short but theyll get longer! I hope you enjoyed, love you! 😘


If you read this all comment what you think will happen to Olivia!!!

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