Greenlight // L.H

"Give me the green light, we could have all night."


1. Authors Note *important*

-I've been gone for what seems like years but I promise none of this was intentional! When I was about to return, life got crazy. I know a lot of you got upset with me and I understand... I completely understand! I'm dedicated to writing and I love the reaction I have from all of you! So I'm sorry. I know I've said this and I haven't gone through but this time I mean it I'm back for good! This story is the show my appreciation towards you guys! And to the people that have stuck with me while I was gone thank you! I missed you and I'm so happy to be writing again!!!

-Now onto what the story is about...

|| extended blurb ||


   Luke Hemmings is notoriously known for his bad habits. He isn't somebody you would expect the schools good girl to be with. Bad grades, tattoos and piercings, he's been with every girl...everything a parent would want their daughter to stay away from. Have you ever heard the cliché story where the good girl falls for the bad boy?

  Well get ready because that story returns!

  Olivia White is the complete opposite of Luke. Good grades, cleansed of ink and holes in her skin... All-around pure.

   Normally they would ignore each other but this time they can't help but cross paths. Olivia hates Luke and Luke hates Olivia but as time passes they can't help but fall in love. She becomes Luke's lifeline and he'll do anything to keep her. No matter what it takes. 

  Love leads to betrayal which leads to heartbreak.

  "How long can you give me the green light before everything falls red?"

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