Hurricance Of Emotions

Noelle used to date Vic, until he cheated. Of course it meant nothing to him, but Noelle didn't care; even though she's pregnant with Vic's kids. After 4 years, Noelle and Vic meet. Noelle, being her precautionary self, doesn't think Vic should be in their lives. Will Vic be able to change her mind? Or will someone else catch her eye?


1. Prolougue

"Noelle, please! It meant nothing; I mean it!" Vic exclaims.

"I wish it did because, me and my baby are never coming back!" I yell, tightening my grip on my bags.

"Wait," Vic says quietly, making me stop at the door. "You're pregnant?"

I roll my eyes, while I open the door. "Goodbye Vic."

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