3 words. 8 letters.


"Honey your awake"
"I guess so"

"It's Dylan. He's...."


5. chapter 5

"That's the last of it." Dylan said carrying in the last of the boxes into our new home.

"Yeah! It us. And us and us. JUST US!" I am so exited. Living with my fiancé. So happy.

"I really want to kiss you right now!"he exclaimed.

"Do it. Kiss your fiancé." I said. He passionately kissed my lips. He picked me up and put me on the counter. He ripped of my shirt and I ripped of his. Before we knew it we were naked kissing and well. Ya know.

I woke up the next morning and threw up.

"Baby are you okay??" He asked worried.

"Um. Yeah I think. Just a question..yesterday.....did you happen to use a condom?" I asked remembering when I woke up the day after conceiving Dylan and threw up.

"Um. Well. It happened so quick. So.....no!?" He said sounding ashamed.

"It's okay. Babe. It okay. I might just have an upset stomach. We will see okay." He looked at me with worried eyes.

"Are we ready?" He asked. I knew he was. But I don't know if I am. But I would love any of my children. No matter what.

"I am ready if you are!" I said still not sure if I were pregnant.

"I want a baby. Like A LOT!" He said.

"I do to. We will have to wait until we can get a test. It's way to early. I love you but I'm scared and I need you." I said feeling a pot grow in my throat. Don't cry Ali.

"Baby. I will always be here for you. You don't need to worry about that. Okay?" He said with a reassuring look in his eyes.

"Okay" I'm not okay.

I went down stairs and cooked breakfast. I made bacon(extra crispy), eggs (sunny side up), and toast (just golden brown) for Dylan. I ate waffles and a ton of maple syrup (while I was pregnant with baby Dylan I loved maple syrup.) we ate quickly and he went off to shoot for Teen Wolf (or The Maze Runner I can't quite remember)! I got a call from my old friend Dolly.

"OMG DOLLY! I haven't talked to you in forever. What's up" I said cheerfully into the phone.

"I have some news. Guess what!?" She said with a sneaky tone in her voice.

"Are you a man?! Ha. I called it!" I said jokingly.

"Hah funny no. I'm pregnant! Ahhhh I sent out invites to my wedding did you get one? She said like she was rushing.

"Oh. I moved out. My mom got it. She'll give me it. Congrats. But I think i am too. Me and Dylan did it last night and I woke up sick this morning really loving on some maple syrup." I said like a dork.

"It's always been my dream to have a baby at the same time as my bestie and them be besties!" She said sounding upset.

"Are you okay? You sound upset!" I asked.

"Well....I...I don't know why I'm crying. I'm having a mood swing." She said sobbing.I laughed. We talked for a few hour about baby names and weddings and fiancées and girly shit.

"Well I have to go get lunch so I'm going to shower. I'll text you. Ily babe" and I hung up and showered. When I got dressed I wore a mint blue tanktop (I wore a push up bra to show off my boobs) and I long black maxi skirt. I straintend my long blonde hair (naturally black) and Put on my black framed glasses over by hazel green orbs. By the time I was done I only had time to go to the drive through at Wendy's. I had to pick up Dylan and go food shopping. I called Dylan to see if he wanted food.

"Hey babe" I heard his voice ring through the phone. It sounded so sexy and raspy like it does in the morning.

"Hey babes! I'm running through the drive through at Wendy's are you hungry?" I said in my sweet loving new fiancé voice.

"Just a coke or dr.pepper please. If that alright." He doesn't drink a lot of soda unless he's stressed. Then his sugar intake is through the roof.

"Yeah? Okay. Well I'll be there in 15. I love you." I said worried.

"I love you too baby!" He said and hung up.

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