3 words. 8 letters.


"Honey your awake"
"I guess so"

"It's Dylan. He's...."


16. 16

Ali's p.o.v

I went up stairs and put on a red an black dress. The top was tight and the bottom was a flowing skirt. I put on my normal makeup but red lipstick. I straightened my hair and put a portion of the front back with a bobby pin. When I was done I put on a black and red dress the top was right and red. The bottom was black and flowing. I put on my Lou Vuitton pumps. I went down stairs and saw Cameron. His jaw dropped to the floor.

"Wow. You look amazing." He took my hand and we got into the car. When we got to the restaurant we got seated and ordered our meals. When we finished we ordered dessert.

"Thank you so much for this Cam. I need it." I held his hand.

"Ali. You make me so happy. The last four months has made me as happy as I could ever be. You have made me as happy as I'll ever me. Life is a roller coaster and I've been at the bottom for so long and now that I'm with you I'm at the top and I'm not going anywhere. I want to spend the rest of my days as a family with me you and Braelynn. Will you make me the luckiest guy in the world and..." He paused and pulled out a small whit box." Will you marry me Alison?" He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring (http://zales.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pZALE1-16009036t400.jpg). I placed my hand over my mouth as tears welled into my eyes!

"YES!" I half shouted as he got off his knee and picked me up and kiss my lips passionately.

"SHE SAID YES!" He yelled and lifted my left hand. Everyone began to clap and I turned and looked into his beautiful green eyes. We finished dessert and drove home. When we got inside we rushed upstairs where he had flower petals on the floor and bed. In the middle was a heart and a box of chocolates. We laid there as we fed each other chocolates and guessing the flavors. I got up and took off all my makeup.

"You getting tired baby?" Cameron said walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Very. I can't wait to tell everyone!" I said ogling at my ring.

"Do you like it?" He said taking a look himself.

"I. I love it. It's perfect." I said turning and kissing his lips softly. "I love you!" I said slipping away and getting into my pajamas. I put my hair into a messy bun. I picked up my phone and dialed Dylan's old number that I still haven't disconnected. I went downstairs.

"Hey it's Dylan.Im probably with my beautiful pregnant fiancé. Leave a message." I smiled and began to leave a message.

"Hey. Guess what!? If you guessed I'm engaged. Your right. Yup. Cameron proposed. We are going to be a family. Your little girl with have a real dad. I miss you so much. I will see you again one day. I love you. Bye." I hung up. A tear escaped my eyes. I knew Cameron was behind me.

"That was Dylan wasn't it?" I tuned around.

"Yeah. I told him the news. It's crazy. His voicemail is....it's about me being his beautiful pregnant fiancé. And now I'm yours. And I feel like. I'm so lucky to have someone who can be there like this for me. And accept I will always have Dylan in my heart." I said as Cameron ran his thumb over my tear shooing it away.

"I love you." He kissed my lips. I dialed Dolly's number.

"Hello?" I heard her voice.

"Hey!! GUESS WHAT!!!" There was a pause.

"I can't! What??" She said excitedly.

"I'm engaged!!" She gasped and paused.

"Don't you think it's quick. Ali Dylan just died 4 months ago. Ali. Are you ready to get married?" She said as reality hit me that Dylan was only gone four months and I'm not ready to get married.

"I'm not married yet. And the wedding can wait until I'm ready. And I have something else on my mind that I'd have to put the wedding off a whole for if it's truly happening."

"Ali. Are you pregnant?" She said very worried.

"I think so." I said quietly.

"ALI! BRAELYNN IS ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD! YOU CANT HANDEL THIS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ALI!? THINK!" She hung up and tears flew out of my eyes and I couldn't control them. Cameron came in and held me close.

"Everything will be okay. I promise." I nodded and went upstairs and laid in bed looking at pictures of Dylan and Braelynn. I don't know if I am ready at this moment to let Dylan go completely.

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