3 words. 8 letters.


"Honey your awake"
"I guess so"

"It's Dylan. He's...."


15. 15

Ali's p.o.v

I woke up and crawled out of his arms. I walked into my room and over to the bassinet. My beautiful baby lay there eyes wide open. I picked her up and changed her diaper.

"Hey princess." I heard Cameron say from behind me as he walked over and kissed Brae on the head.

"Good morning dad." I laughed and kissed his cheek. He picked up Brae and sat on the bed.

"Hey. Why don't we go on vacation!?" He asked.

"To where?" I said getting up and getting some food from the fridge.

"I don't know. Maybe....somewhere in the middle of nowhere." I walked over and grabbed the baby and began to change her.

"Like rent a cabin for a bit?" I asked slipping Brae in a pair of leggings.

"Yeah. Quite mommy and daddy time without baby." He said grabbing her a beanie.

"Who will watch her?" He laughed and piled up my phone.

"Your mother!" He dialed her number and talked her into watching Brae! We got ready and packed enough stuff for 4 days. We dropped of the baby and headed to the airport. I didn't quite know where we were going until we got onto the plane.

"From Cali to Maine!" Cameron said sitting down beside me and moving the are of the seat back so I could put my head on his chest. I giggled and fell asleep. I woke up late in the night. I looked out the window and saw the wing of the plane and the city lights of wherever we were above!

"Baby! Wake up. Look!" I pointed out the window and Cameron poked his head over.

"Wow. That's beautiful!" He said kissing my lips softly. After a long time I fell back asleep. When I woke up we were landing. It was so beautiful in Maine. We rented a car and went to the closest grocery store near the cabin. We bought essentials for our new cabin stay. I was so exited. When we pulled up to the cabin it was small but large and was all wood log! We walked into a very homie country style home. It was warm and cozy. I sat on the couch and took in the whole thing. Cameron came over and handed me the phone. It was my mom.

"Hey is everything alright?" I said worried about my child.

"Oh yeah. I have something to tell you though." I was very confused but Cameron had a giddy grin on his face.

"What?" I said dragging the word out for a dramatic flare.

"Y'all own the cabin!" She said quickly and hung up. My jaw dropped to the floor and Cameron shook his head reassuring she wasn't lying.

"We can come whenever we want. And. Your mom and the baby are flying down in...6 days!" I jumped up and down screaming like a little girl. I ran upstairs and down and into the window room and out. I owned this cabin. WE owned this cabin. I ran into Cameron's arms.

"Thank you so much baby. I love you so much!" Before we knew it I was on the couch naked with him on top of me. I laid there while my body filled with pleasure and Cameron ran kisses down my neck. The next morning I woke up in bed now with a long t-shirt and girls boxer undies. I walked downstairs into the kitchen and over to the fridge. I took out coffee creamer and brewed two nice cups of coffee and started the bacon. After the half the bacon was down a sleepy Cameron came stumbling behind be wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.

"Good morning gorgeous." He kissed my cheek and I finished the bacon. I gave him a plate and his coffee. I ran upstairs and put on a tank top and some sweatpants. I came back down and Cameron had a bad look on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked sitting on his lap facing him.

"Last night was out first time having sex since the baby was 1 month and I forgot a condom. It's been 2 months!" I relised because we never had time anymore with the baby he was right.

"Cam." I said simply placing my head on his shoulder and letting out a sigh. I scorched in and wrapped my legs around him. He squeezed me tight and shed a single tear. I was so scared. After a few minutes I got up and hopped in the shower. When I got out I put on a clean tank top and a clean pair of sweatpants. I put my long hair into a bun and put on simple makeup. I only did this to clear my mind. I won't be able to know if I was pregnant for another few weeks.

"Hey hun." Cameron said as he came in from a run. He took off his shirt revealing a beautiful body.

"Babe. You need to buy condoms." I said standing up and kissing his lips.

"Oh yeah. Why is that?" He said picking me up and throwing me on the bed.

"Because your so irresistible!" I said and rolled off the bed. "But. Not until you but condoms. And shower!" I said and winked. I left the room and I heard the shower turn on. I went into the parlor and put on a movie. I was through half of it was Cameron came in and picked me up and put me on his lap.

"Where were you!?" I asked kissing his lips. He held up a box of condoms and I laughed a bit. He got up and put then upstairs. We are going to have fun tonight. I got up and made lunch. While we were eating Cameron piped up.

"Let's go on a date tonight. Huh?" He said I agreed and we made reservations for a nice restaurant. I was with him. And only him. And I was happy.

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